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A Tribute to Love and Inspiration

Updated on September 11, 2014

Most of you know me as the guy who provides you with a weekly dose of movie quotes, tributes, reviews, and other random pieces on cinema. However, I want to take a moment and honor the driving force behind my writing and the reason that I have chosen to pursue what started as an enjoyable little hobby of mine.

Fresh out of an agonizing five-year relationship with someone I know now to be absolutely wrong for me, I obviously was not looking to dive into another. However, there she was and I was only single for a few months after getting to know the woman of my dreams. We attempted to take it slow, as neither of us wanted to jeopardize the deep bond that was already developing, but that was out of the question. We almost instantly were deeply infatuated with each other and our relationship quickly flourished beyond friendship.

Having met through her cousin, who just happened to be my best friend throughout college, our interest in each other started with a simple post on Facebook. When I happened to notice that no one had answered a question she posted roughly an hour later, I replied out of mere courtesy and the rest is history.

Why am I putting this on here, other than just to provide a brief glimpse into our little love story? Well, because she’s my biggest supporter and has always encourage me to continue pursuing my gift. She is undeniably my greatest fan and always challenges me to raise the bar in terms of my goals.


I’m happy to say that it's nearly three years later and she said, “Of course I’ll marry you!” I hardly ever share my personal life on here, but this was such a monumental moment in my life. However, this is not just in terms of my love life, as she has encouraged me to become more serious with my writing. I just wanted to recognize my soulmate for her relentless love and support, for whatever life has in store for me and my writings, she will certainly have played her part in. Thank you Katie, I love you!

Thanks to everyone else who supports and reads my work!

Movie Arbiter


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