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A Valentines Idea for Lovers in Love - Gold Roses!

Updated on September 1, 2012

Here comes the time again to come up with that special valentines idea that your spouse or partner is expecting from you.  Are you ready to get your loved one something that is different than every year that has gone by?  

For some reason, people feel like they are always expected of receiving gifts for their partner and if this does not happen to their liking you can rest assured that they will not let you forget it for the remainder of the year..

Why does this happen you ask me?  Who knows. Time and time again we are expected to push the envelope each year and become even more creative than the previous occasions.

So, if you feel that you are out of those special Valentines idea that put your worries to rest because here is a list that I have created that can be helpful for you both in your time of need. Most people just wait until the last minute to pick something up and by the time they ever decide to do so there is nothing worth grabbing and putting in a box for you loved one.

Here it goes:

Valentines Idea for Her:

1. Flowers: Flowers always say I love you unless you are throwing them at her face. Believe it or not, men are starting to receive flowers from women these days and it is becoming quite the norm to follow. There is nothing better than having true equality in a relationship, no?

2. Chocolates with Lingerie: Lets face, sex and chocolate go together and the idea that these two things can indulge women and their men can be quite satisfying for any kind of Valentines day idea that you may or may not come up with.

3. Cook for your partner or spouse at home or outside. As the evening arises make sure you don’t forget the candle light and wine and that spark of your favorite fragrance to enhance the mood quite well for you lover.

4. Gold Roses: Gold roses that have an inscription on them telling your partner or spouse how much you love them can be both memorable and rewarding in the end. I’m talking about something that will last for decades to come and will have to be one that I would recommend for the couple that is looking for something long term versus the short.

5. An eternity ring sure does say eternal in the eyes of the person that wears it. It seems like now a days, eternity rings are playing a more interesting role in uniting couples and bringing their bond closer together after a long relationship or marriage.

I gave one once to my wife and she has never forgotten what it meant to her when she received it. It screams out prosperity in a relationship and invites a never ending bond that words cannot describe. Way better then a card. Trust me, I know.


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