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A Wedding...Just for Laughs!

Updated on July 27, 2009

Need a laugh?

I can always use a laugh, and these days, can't everyone? So, wasn't I glad when my aunt sent me a link to the video below from You don't need to be planning a wedding to appreciate Jill and Kevin's efforts to start their marriage off on funny footing. If you haven't seen this video, it's sure to lift your spirits...

Silly or Serious?

Is there such thing as an "appropriate" wedding ceremoy? The ceremony should be...

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Brian & Katie's First Dance

Have a favorite piece of music? Make it Thrilling!

Why be dull?

It's easy to have a traditional wedding. Well, not literally "easy." Just go watch an episode of "Bridezillas" for evidence of how crazy a wedding can make you a bride and her family. Unless you are a member of the platinum wedding brigade and can afford a very expensive planner, you're likely to have too many arguments over ridiculous details. Yes, mom, I'm talking about all the fights we had over how I envisioned my wedding versus how you wanted my wedding to be (even though grandma told you certain aspects of your wedding were her decision and not your own -- I thought you didn't want to repeat that portion of the wedding planning experience? I know...bygones. "Get over it, Joey."). But I digress.

Everyone knows the traditional types of wedding elements; ceremony, reception, cake, first dance, etc. What's crazy hard to do is make you wedding day a special one that everyone will always remember. That doesn't necessarily mean having some unusual design that nobody has thought of before (likely, someone has already done it), or a dress made out of something like real daisies or going green by having shopping bags glued to the bride's body (although that could be interesting to see and quite flowy when you picture it).

I mean, it's very difficult to be clever; truly clever. Oh, and have fun in the process. Surprise your guests, do something nontraditional, incorporate something you love to do and have fun.

I think you'll agree Jill and Kevin achieved a fabulously clever, individual and fun wedding ceremony. (I don't own that video. It's on and I'm just giving everyone a way to watch it here or on the youtube website...thanks for letting me show this and the other videos on this page. Okay, that's my little disclaimer.)

I can only imagine how all their guests were fired up for fun at the reception that followed...would've loved being at that wedding. It would've been worth buying the costly gift.

A wedding that was one of the most fun nuptials I've been witness to was an impromptu wedding that happened one night when my family and a bunch of friends were out at a celebration dinner. There were nearly 30 of us sitting around a long table at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. We were celebrating a birthday and a graduation.

"The only thing we need is a wedding," spouted my mom. "Who thinks" name and name "should finally get married?"

A democratic proposal to wed

Everyone except the groom-to-be raised a hand. We'd all had some drinks and everyone was having fun, but mom's "joke" rapidly transformed into a serious proposition. Near midnight, without the groom ever asking his bride to marry him, we all piled into two limousines and embarked on a tipsy drive to Reno. It wasn't exactly a shotgun wedding, but the groom's mother was rather tired of waiting for her son to propose to his long-time girlfriend. The older members of our party enjoyed a mellow ride in one limo and we younger crowd had louder fun in another with more champagne for everyone.

The bride was liquored up, everyone was having a great time in the cars and eventually, we arrived in Reno. Only, it was too early. Thoroughly tired in those wee hours of the morning, we all converged at a casino's breakfast buffet before benefiting from a little wedding day lady luck at the slot machines in an effort to rejuvenate ourselves until the wedding chapels opened for business.

The wedding chapel was an overwhelmingly cheesy place. "Tacky" doesn't begin to describe the setting; from the dizzying amount of red velvet to the malodorous chaplain whose eyes and general appearance produced evidence of a hangover. Sleep-deprived giggles filled the room as the bride and groom made their way to the alter. Still, oddly enough, even though the bride was still wearing her green silk dress from the night before -- the dress that displayed noticeable champagne stains as permanent as those on Monica Lewinsky's dress -- most everyone cried sentimental tears when the couple exchanged their vows.

That was the most fun -- and spontaneous -- wedding I've ever been to. A lot more fun than one of our old relatives dipping his hand in my sister's wedding cake, or even my own. I got my garden wedding to keep the tradition going in our family, but the garden we were in wasn't the one I had always envisioned from the time I was a child.

A wild wedding

The Ahwahnee hotel at sunset
The Ahwahnee hotel at sunset
A picture-perfect wedding reception hall
A picture-perfect wedding reception hall

Yosemite Wedding

I had always wanted to be wed in Yosemite. I wanted the ceremony to be on the lawn outside the Ahwahnee Hotel before my candlelit reception dinner in the gorgeous dining room.

Mark and I decided (well, I decided), someday when we're old and want to renew our vows, we'll do it in Yosemite. By then, it won't matter if everyone in the family can't make the trip...the older generation will be dead and gone by then anyway. Shit! What if Mark's heart can't take the altitude?

I suppose I could do what my mom does every time she wants to return to Yosemite and wants to ignore my dad's heart condition..."How high is it in the valley?" Mom, you already know it's too high and the altitude would contribute to killing him, so why ask?

The other day, they sat with us again and finally, my mom said, "Screw it! I want to go back. We want to go back to Yosemite." At least she's honest. And don't dad misses going there, too, so it's not like she's trying to kill him or anything. Set aside all their bickering and you'll find a couple that truly loves each other.

Okay, enough sappy crap. I'm sure you must have your own wedding stories, so let me in on your stories; if for anything else than to keep the blues away and fulfill my sappy romantic side that hides behind my bitchy persona.

A "Happy Ever After" proposal

But first, the proposal

Of course, none of this craziness can happen without a proposal. And why not make it a memorable moment by doing something you both will remember for always; like the couple in this video.

When my husband proposed, he took me to my favorite place: Yosemite National Park. Sounds simple enough, but we weren't exactly "in" the park when he asked. I've gone camping there nearly every year since I was born and it is a place that feels like home to me, full of happy memories accented by sounds and smells to excite my mind throughout the years.

Aside from directing television news, Mark is a pilot (and pilot instructor). One afternoon, like many other weekends while we were dating, Mark took me flying. On this particular day, he wouldn't tell me where we were going and said it was a surprise. He'd only tell me how long we'd be flying and we weren't going to land until we returned. That information gave me an idea of our flying radius, by why wouldn't we land?

We head out flying and about an hour and a half later, we were flying over Yosemite Valley. The next thing I knew, we were flying over Half Dome. I was busy looking out the window at the amazing view when he tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a wrapped book. I opened it to find a wedding planner.

I looked at him and he told me to open the cover. Inside he had written the time, our general altitude, our altitude over Half Dome and where we were. Below that, he also proposed.

I was so surprised and obviously, said yes. He even brought along a Polaroid camera (the days before digital) to capture the moment. I was so happy. Of course, we joke about how he would have pushed me out of the plane if I'd said no.

More poking fun at a the first dance

What's the best wedding you've been to and why?

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