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A Womanizer by any other name...

Updated on April 13, 2012

Diagnosing a man as a womanizer

is much easier then believing ones' eyes when one is connected to a womanizer. As one who has had much experience around such men I thought it worth sharing my observations. This is a broad category in my mind. I could quote the dictionary but that won't satisfy. When I use the term I am referring to the tendency in many men to being unfaithful at heart. That being said, not all womanizers are unfaithful in deed. Some merely prefer to look and gawk. Often that looking and gawking is at the magazine rack at the grocery store, heaven forbid they actually subscribe to one of the notoriously pornographic books.

Womanizers have a tendency of putting out the outward signals of courtship without ever sharing the natural result of those signals with any woman that he considers as his. They wear nice clothes everywhere regardless of how put together their companion is and always make sure they smell nice but the scents chosen aren’t necessarily to the liking of their mate. They fix up their cars or one car but seldom if ever desire to be seen in it with their wife. They are very careful about which restaurants they go to with their wife or woman in keeping. Usually they go to the same places each time. They in all events have stopped dating their wife and have moved on in their heart.

Womanizers who actually carry on extensive affairs usually think somewhere in their minds that they can readily afford a divorce if worse comes to worse. Once that step is taken they quickly lose track of how many seeds of chaos they spread about and must one day deal with. In other words there isn’t such a thing as a womanizer who is only unfaithful once. Womanizing is an attitude not an act per say. Womanizers are a peculiar form of addict because they behave much like a dog that has tasted blood. Once they taste of forbidden fruit of another woman they can never be sated.

A Womanizer takes no joy in the woman he has in his hand. He seldom considers her feelings as valid or her needs as relevant as his own. Often he is rude and callous to the woman he is with just as soon as he gets what he wants from her. Often she finds herself neglected and on the back burner of his schedule. While forgetting special dates can happen usually there are other signs of rudeness and lack of consideration that present themselves long before they skip out on an anniversary. The womanizer is always careful to keep track of what they think motivates the woman they are with to stay and they provide this in plenty up until they have another target well on the way to replacing the woman they are with. In this way a Womanizer is often egotistical enough to feel themselves indispensable to the women in their life.

Womanizers soon lose the ability to love or in other words give of themselves without prejudice to those around them and start shucking any human contact that inconveniences their base lust. Perhaps this could be lumped in with the lack of consideration except for the fact that it is a sign that begins to define their life as a whole. Everyone in their life becomes rated and groomed to aid in their Womanizing. Those who don’t rock the boat or are useful stay in their life and find that he can be very generous the more cooperative you are. Everyone else is studiously avoided. Spousal abuse can be part of this cycle but not necessarily.

If you have a chance to see a documentary on meat eating animals and you greatly identify with the mate there is something wrong. If you are the one who is in the end left alone with the children most of the time while the male enjoys himself whatever his excuse then you probably are tied to a Womanizer. I cry for women who get stuck in this position. Many of them don’t have the money or skills to readily break away. Never the less, it helps to know the signs so that one can know where they stand and start making plans to get free if need be.


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