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A Woman’s Laugh is No Laughing Matter

Updated on September 16, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

See How She Laughs.

There Are Many Types of Laughter

as there are people. I could stop there and this would make sense. But I want to continue and make one of those award-winning pieces that people will clamor around a person who has this hub called up and they will almost beg to read it. Ahhh, what a dream.

Do you believe in laughter? I do. Then we must acknowledge the fact that do we do things on purpose in order to get laughs? Or do you know of a time when friends and even strangers laughed AT you? I confess that the second question applies to me 100%. In my younger days, I did get irked at knowing I was being laughed at, but now that I am 65 (and proud of it) I can laugh or be laughed at and feel good about myself. Does that sentence sound like a sensitive sentence that people in Southern California used to say in the mid-70’s.

Laughs and Talking: a Happy Situation.


What Does The Bible Say

about laughter? A passage in Job 8:21 says, “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.” This is certainly not the only passage in the Bible about laughter, I just chose to use it because I have a lot of respect for Job. So, I feel that when we laugh we are fine. But . . .what about the moments when we see someone crash into a parking meter (because he was not looking) and “that” temptation is about to come over us like a wave on Point Break, but somehow, we resist the laughing. Not a lot of people can resist themselves from bending over and laughing until tears pour from their eyes, but certainly not everyone.

What What About Women

who are faced with the same situation? Does a pretty woman laugh like a Howler Monkey (seen on National Geographic) when the same doofus looks at her until his car hits a parking meter, or does the pretty woman grimace, bite her lips, and cries because she hates to see another person experience pain? This, my educated readers, is a complex mystery. I have, on occasion, witnessed both. Neither woman appeared to be good or bad when the accident was over. Fact is, both just walked away leaving the doofus in his car, but I did wonder if the second woman who cried, did not run to the doofus and offer her sympathy for him? Life is strange at times.

Women Laughing Together Spells Happiness.


Have You Ever Thought About

the pretty women and “how” they laugh? I am prone to believing that a woman’s laugh is how her personality is composed. And while I am leaning on the area of studying a woman’s personality, a wiser man once posed a question: Each time “I” see a pretty girl, she breaks down and laughs?

1.) That she likes you. Girls often pick on boys that they like. Watch for other signs in her body language as well.

2.) She thinks you are a dork and wants you to know it. Girls hate feeling like a liar.

3.) If she exclusively laughs when her friends are around, she may be laughing to just to make herself look cool at your expense.

There are more reasons, but these three are what came to mind immediately.

Plus, these reasons are on the surface. Some women laugh when one instance of the (three above) and she is unable to hold it in, as it were.

The HOW a Woman Laughs May Teach

that there are several ways that women laugh. And this is only an amateur study about how a woman laughs, but this does not mean that there is something really wrong with her. So let’s look at a few of the reasons HOW she laughs:

  • She Giggles – when she talks with you or other girls. This can mean that she is very conservative and does not want her image to be understood as barbaric or vulgar.

  • She Puts Her Hand – over her mouth and suppresses her laughter. She is merely doing with most women do when a big laugh is about to hit her. Of course, at times, she could feel or produce the guffaw’s that accompany a certain situation, but her covering her mouth when she laughs is what a normal woman does.

  • She Laughs so Loudly – that a person in the next county can hear her. She is full of life, very confident, and does not care what others think. But sometimSes she does try to keep from laughing, but most of the times, she laughs so hard that the paint on the walls come off.

  • She Laughs, But Near-Silent – then she is not that comical. She has a respectful, reserved laugh. Her body moves, pupils dilate and there is no clear definition with this laugh.

So in a loud conclusion, I can tell you that when a woman laughs into a man’s face, he is either built-up for torn-down because any man alive, whether he admits it or not, knows that there is power in a woman’s laugh.

In the event that when a man is on a date, a woman’s laugh is appreciative when she laughs when her date should tell her a stale joke, but for some reason, when he unravels a touchy situation that she does not really understand, she laughs and her body shakes. That is one way for the poor guy to cease from his stale lecturing.

And keep in mind that a woman’s laugh can be no laughing matter—when she is going through a serious, painful situation, and that means us guys should NOT let any of our male traits come into view—only the ability to listen to our ears and heart.

September 13, 2019_____________________________________________

In Anyplace a Woman's Laugh is Wonderful.


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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