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losing their fear.

Updated on April 4, 2016

The love currently.

Talking modernly, relations have changed, either by fashions, new styles, new likes, not to mention the new behaviors that men and women received over time.

Mistakes many people make when talking to someone.

Many people are seeking ways to talk to the girl or boy they like, but the nerves can betray or simply do not know what to say and end up saying incoherent things, which makes it uncomfortable the conversation.

It would be embarrassing this happen to you, so here I bring you tips to know how to get to your goal (the girl or guy you like).


Step 1.

analyzes possible things in common:
observes how wears (without going over the imagination), look how it acts when he or she says something, it sounds something stalker but you can identify what you enjoy doing, what kind of likes can she or he have, and other things.

Step 2.

Try to be yourself:

do not try to be someone you're not, be yourself on all things.

this helped you?

that you both helped this madness?

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