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A herd-boy Experiences Love!

Updated on December 21, 2015

Your Mind Need No Teacher!

What is it that shook my heart?

I sat down to pay attention.

No pain; but uncontrollable shaking.

Oh, someone has bewitched me!

I thought with alarm!

I hurriedly secured the logs of the kraal.

Crawling inside my hut to be alone;

Almost falling on my sleeping cow skin;

I curled to control my rebellious body!

My mind was scattered; what is wrong with me?

My mother called me to eat my supper.

Politely I went and ate absent mindedly.

I escaped her inquiring gaze; she smiled softly!

She busied herself, yet her face was amused!

How can she be so calm? I bet she knows!

The paraffin lamb cast a soft glow inside my hut!

The sky was clear, and the moon shone brightly.

How I wished I could be as serene as the moon!

The stars adorn the heaven and made me smile!

I thirst for more; life was a mystery!

I felt like someone was watching from above.

An invisible Being who understand all things!

What was that? It was not fear; it felt pleasant!

But how can I be happy without cause?

I paid closer attention to my body!

Peacefully the cattle were churning their food!

Nearby several dogs were crowding around one dog!

All alert; all keen to come closer!

Oh! Perhaps I am on heat! I thought.

Who should I tell such a private matter?

Seeking the answer within my body;

The confusion intensified!

Oh! My body was strangely excited!

Bolts of lightning surging through my heart!

Is it normal to experience such intense moments?

The picture of Palesa flashed in my mind!

A beautiful girl I saw at a well?

Oh, I got it! I have been smitten!

Is that how it should feel?

I had exited into the world of adults!

I replayed the scene in my mind:

She was drawing water from the well.

She balanced a clay pot on her head.

Majestically walking in a narrow path

Humming a song I so longed to know!

I peeped through the rocks and bushes;

Watching her as she effortlessly reaching the top!

My heart skipped and had since been dancing.

My breath came in forceful gasps?

Is this love? Who will come to my rescue?

Waa! Love is powerful yet beautiful!

Only the Creator knows the intensity of love.

Only He could fathom the reason behind the stir.

What must I do to cure myself?

Palesa is the answer; she is my medicine!

Love: A Free Gift from the Creator who is Love!


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  • Theresa Jonathan profile image

    Theresa Jonathan 2 years ago from Maseru, Lesotho

    Thank you Alicia! Love reveals itself in the most amazing ways. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • AliciaC profile image

    Linda Crampton 2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    This is an interesting poem. I love the description of the boy's feelings! You've described them very effectively.