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A joy of life

Updated on November 20, 2014

My words define my life

It was 7th of January when I woke up in morning to see myself surprise, it was the day when I was born, I was very much excited to see and know , who remember my birthday, it was my Mother who never forget anything, my mother and her love is never lasting in this world. I was surprised with the joy of her smile and laugh when she cuddle me and give me a kiss of love and happiness of gratitude.

In afternoon my grandmother arrive she had a basket in which there was a puppy for me, this was my pet, I was very happy to see this joy of love.

But this was a responsibility for me. My grandmother knew it that I was very much caring for my duties and responsibilities to fulfill them.

I already had too many pets with me , an ibex,pigeon and roaster with hen.

I had taken my pet to my room and make it cozy, I want to give it the path of love that a mother gives to his child, it was the snow commenced.


My life
My life

Life with Duties

After two months, I had well care for my pet name Tysen, I call him Tysen as I used to watch a movie which had a hero which was a dog. I want my dog to be the same. I had no expectation and no idea so what my dog would be. I have tried to trained him as to well behave and to in a proper manner.

After 1 year, I had completed my master and now it is time for me to move for career , a career for which I want to live for , in which my life depends.

All my energy was now compendium to commence a PhD in economics, I want to help my people , to free them from the ignorance of illiteracy and nurture them the real meaning of life and happiness which is their right as it was quoted in there God's words.

My dog Tysen was with me in every path of my family and life. He had never left me alone even at the time when I was angry with him, he was still polite with me ,this I can never forget as how we such human who are the most intelligent species in this world are cruel, selfish, mean and arrogant to other and these animals are lovable to us.How this nature has given us love in what shape. I was bewilder to quote myself to see this.

The loyalty of them is a gift of love and no one can compete to be best against them, we all human deceives and cheat other as to get wealth and luxuries

My life is my Education

Education is an important part of life, and Education should be free for every one, but i am sorry to say it, in my country it is not free. That's the reason people are in ignorance. I wanted to do something for this nation, as still i want it. That's the reason i say to my every friend, without Education life is nothing. Your life is just like a dead body if you don't have Education, of course you are living happy life, but i think you are not. Due to ignorance you are getting some steps in your life, which are destroy your children future.

Make your life luxuries, for this you need to be Educated. For doing something better you should be good. It is true that experience make people perfect but not fully perfect, because sometimes they need to do something legal but it happens illegal. For which they should be educated to know the law and also respect the law. It is necessary for the civilians to know the importance of law in our society and obey it. If everyone starts to obey the law, so everyone will not be in trouble due to criminal acts.

If we talk about religions so every religion forced to his followers to get education how much they can, life is also a part of education as we should or we are learning from our mistakes. Our life is beautiful with our religion and culture for this we should be following it as it ask us, but without education we can't understand our religion.

Life is the name of Compromise

The word life is so beautiful, but still many people doesn't mean it. I mean that many people don't know how to live their lives. Some of them are busy in their business and their families members are seeking a piece of smile. And some of them are busing in their own taken steps which they don't know how to meet or behave with their parents. Their should be a time table to enjoy your life, to maintain your timing, as you maintained your timetable you will do everything on time. I just know one thing if you destroy the time so time will destroy you. Living life with joy we should enjoy our every moment of life, and for this we should keep smiling with everyone. From this we will be happy as well as to whom we are meeting they will be happy with us. These type of behaviours makes relationships too powerful and then we will know the meaning of the life.

In life there are troubles and problems, we should not fear and escape from them. How much we try to fear or escape from them, they will follow us and create more and more troubles and problems. We should keep helping to each other, we should keep trusting on each other, for this we should not do that things or we should not behave like that from which our relations to be break. It is necessary to do compromise when there is a problem and which is creating trouble in our beautiful relations. Doing of these, we will start living a beautiful life with joy.


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