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A letter to the one my heart adored part 2

Updated on July 9, 2013

Another one for you three years later..

Hello my long lost love,

Lost? Not are you my lost love?Let us tell the world that we are now good friends.Our lives have crossed paths again...but this time, we are just friends. I just want to write to you again?can I? May I?

I still miss you deeply my dear one. The world does not know that you and I are friends.What is funny is that you do not know what the world knows...I write to you letters that you will never read. I miss you deeply my love.

The other day, I had a conversation with God.I told him how much I missed you.I told him how much you still linger in my mind. I told him that I am glad you are back in my life even though we are just friends.I asked him whether he will allow us to be more than that. I miss you terribly.While I was talking to heart started aching and I told him that I need a sign. I need a sign because I still love you, I still think about you and I miss you.

I can imagine the reaction of my readers...they probably think I am a loser at life who loves to live in the past while hosting regular pity parties for herself and the community at large.

But its okay, can you tell them?Tell them that you and I both know that love never dies.If it did,you would not ask me to start a new chapter of friendship..if it did..we would not know how to forgive and if love really died...I would not be here...writing to you and missing you.

How is your new life? We don't really talk about that..are you good?are you happy?

I am great. I am learning to understand love in two great dimensions..the love for God and the love for self. I am in a happy place.

I miss you my love. I miss you so much.Do you miss me?

A part of me wants you to love me. I want you to want me. I want you to miss me but that is a little selfish. Keep living my don't have to love me or miss me like I miss you.

You know what love...I pray for you always...I write letters to you in my phone journal and I have a special place in my heart and on my don't have to pay can live there for free..just like you have been doing!..

Anyway love...I turn a year older in two weeks.I don't know what my wish is...I desire so many things..that's what a 24 year old does...they dream of a great career,finding the one and settling down,traveling,being fit and healthy,spending time with family and friends,getting a great solo apartment with no roommates, and FEELING ALIVE.I want all that..but most of all I just want God to hold me.

Anyway,I have to go..I am at work..just missing you. You know what is funny? I logged on to hub..and the first thing that popped up was this "A GREAT HUB IS NOT....A PERSONAL JOURNAL." Its okay, we can call this letter a great hub with no intentions of being a personal journal.

I miss you baby. Kiss me in my sleep tonight and let me know you are well.




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