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A man and a woman. Can the friendship exist between them?

Updated on April 6, 2016

"The friendship between a man and a woman based on the expectation of one side, it is not just friendship ". Krzysztof Konkolewsky

When a girl says the young man: "Let's stay friends", it is not so much happy and not an the occasion to open the bottle of champagne. This means only one thing: "You're a good guy, but not the eagle." And this is, if you want to know, the refusal, and not offer ...

And anyway, is there a real friendship between man and woman, between those, who was created for an entirely another relationship?

Almost every girl-teenager, do not hesitate to answer: "Yes, certainly yes! I have 10 friends and one girlfriend". And now we had to turn all studies on this subject? The issue is closed? No Way! Be sure: each of these ten "friends" was a aim of a flirting attack of our teenager.

So, there is no friendship between a man and a woman? Stop! No need to rush from one side to another. It happens! But ... with some reservations. This kind of friendship depends on age, marital status, education and many other circumstances.

Young and old

Here it is, a wonderful time for friendship. The differences in the structure of the body and psyche unit with the opposite sex is not distinguishable in childhood, and in old age is not important. Girls wear dresses and play with dolls, but this is no reason not to take them into account. They are just like normal boys can get covered in mud and frantically run around with a toy gun. If they want to.

It is the birthday of a friendship between a boy and a girl. A stupid kids write on the walls: John + Marry = ... . It's jealousy, because it is cool to have a girl-friend of course.

And old age befits for that friendship! In that case, of course, if you do not have not acquired a habit of muttering for any occasion. Perfectly! All the troubles and boiling passions are behind. Peace and silence.

Future lovers

Bernard Shaw, attributed to very accurate in its essence saying: "The friendship between a man and a woman - a relationship or former lovers, or future lovers". And it is hard to disagree. After all, if two always togather, and, moreover, long been familiar, but it has not moved even to kiss, then people make a conclusion: something is unusual ...

The friendly relations between young people - it is like a walking with a fire in a gunpowder warehouse. Step left, step right and wait for the explosion of passion. The nature begins to play the leading role, and it is difficult to keep on friendly scopes. After all, the friendship between a man and a woman weakens after nightfall.

Former lovers

Everything already had happend for them. Then there are several possible options for relationships: a man and a woman loudly hate each other and run in different directions, or sometimes even remain friends.


This variant occurs when one of his friends secretly in love with another, and another one pretends not to notice this.

As a rule, it is a favorite type of relationship for certain category of women. It is very convenient thing - you can exploit a man on a full program: take me there, repair it to me.

"The male friendship is a long term sustainability, women one is a fertile topic for jokes. But the female-male friendship - it is, sorry, from the category of fantazy.

If you understand each other perfectly, if you feel comfortable , then why you did not live under one roof and not make a lot of the same lovely and friendly kids like you?


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    • profile image

      layladvices 5 years ago

      Absolutely impossible for true friendship to exist between a man and a woman. It goes against human nature. Man and woman were created for a 'spousal' relationship, not for a 'friendly' one.

    • profile image

      Mr. C 7 years ago

      The only way to have a true man-woman friendship is to annihilate our sense of immortality through pro-creation but then the human race will no longer exist, hehe...

    • seekingaffair profile image

      seekingaffair 7 years ago

      Friends with benefits? Hmmm... It's the theme for another hub.

    • profile image

      koreyko 7 years ago

      noway women and men could be friends. at least not like man-man friends. the best men for woman-man friendship would be friends with benefits.imho


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