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A Peep Into the World of Celebrity: Can the Fans Get More?

Updated on September 26, 2017

There are many celebrities in the world in various fields ranging from politics, sports, writing, movies, music, and academics among others. These celebrities have their fans across the world. In fact, their fans are among that considered, which made them what they are, celebrities. The reason is that we celebrate a celebrity because of the success of his or her work (s), career among others, and the success of their work may be said to have a directly proportional relationship with their fans. No wonder, most celebrities never fail to greet and thank their fans the success, especially when they win an award or an acknowledgement for the work. They only say “to all my fans out there…” that explains why, mostly, those in the entertainment industry always try to please their fans by living up to the expectations of their fans.

One can ask, Is that all the fans want? Can the celebrities do more? I remember the king of pop, Late Michael Jackson, (may his soul rest in peace) in one of his shows on tape his fans cried and shouted just because he showed up. His presence changed the atmosphere to a joyous one. The fans were so happy and pleased to see him that one of his female fans even leapt and shouted with excitement “he waved to me,” when Jackson waved to the fan. That confirmed that there are joy and happiness for to know that one’s love is appreciated. Some of his fans even fainted may be as they struggle to get to the stage or just out of excitement or because of the number of supporters that were present in the show.

I remember a conversation a guy had with his friend. He told his friend that he is so much in love with a female celebrity that he could do anything for her and could even die for her (that shows how crazy some fans can be) and would like to marry her. He got her pictures in his room. Unfortunately, he must be aware that the celebrity has someone around her, whom she knew and is in love with the person. Above all, she does not even know the guy as a fan or anything.

The man realised the apparent fact that he is not in the same background with the celebrity. They are in a different spotlight, and it may not be easy for her to know or even hear of him, personally. His desire changed so he said, “if only she could know that someone like me exists then I shall be glad and die a happy man, even in pains of hell for not making her mine. That is all I need her to know that I am out there.”

That is the world of celebrity. Most celebrities have achieved fame through their work(s) that they won the heart, and love of many. Some of their fans are so crazy about them that they are willing to love and die for them yet the celebrity does not even know such fan(s) exists. Sadly enough, the stars may never, truly, know all their fans. They will only continue to say “ to all my fans out there,” while most of their fans are ready to give them a life of love and happiness, especially now that it seems most celebrities do not enjoy real and lasting relationships ( maybe because they are always on the news as celebrities). Maybe the celebrities can't-do more as they may not possibly know all their fans.

I wanted to blame such a fan for failing so much in love with someone that he or she can’t talk to because I wondered why someone would fall in love with someone he or she does not know? Then I realised that the fans might fall in love with the celebrities because they know them but the celebrities can't-do same as they do not know their fans, personally.

“Wait! A minute”, I said to myself, “is it possible to find a celebrity that knows all his or her fans? I thought about it. Then I got at least one, two, or more stars that can; some people may claim, possibly know all their fans. But, maybe not everyone would accept it. So I left it out of this with the hope to hear what the world have to say when they take a peep into the world of celebrities and feel the pains of some of the fans that are praying, just, to be known by the one they support.


N. K. David

Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus.”

Published by author house UK Ltd and it is available worldwide online stores and on the publisher's website.

It’s a must-read for all humanity.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      that is the world of celebrities. They known more but they know less

    • jamezclara profile image

      jamezclara 6 years ago

      cool man,these celebs,don't ever wanna stop making waves