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A Woman

Updated on December 20, 2014

How A Woman Copes With A Broken Relationship

A woman is like a mirror, just the way you look at the mirror and see the reflection of your image that's how a woman's life is like. A woman is intuitive, strong physically and mentally, a woman's world involves tasks, solving problems, being loved and being hurt. All that makes a woman even more stronger than ever, women never let go, they never give up on anything or anybody. They are always caring and supportive, positive and always understanding. What would the world be without women? Non-existent.

A woman is a wife, a mother a friend always giving even in circumstances which can't allow, she will keep on because that is the woman spirit, to nurture, protect, and to care. Women have since long been known to do and to stand firm because they were and they are the backbone of the family and the society as a whole. She sees far always optimistic never wavering because that's her, always worrying about everything and everyone putting herself last to see all is going right.

So, we ask ourselves this, what and how does a woman manage to do all this? Where does she get all the will power and strength to handle all this? Do you ask yourself that question if you are a woman? I have gone through all the passages of a woman and that is why i can boldly write, emphasize and outline each and every detail from my own experience as a woman.

A Woman`s Love

love: Just as a woman is so very fond of people around her, she takes love very seriously and bonds with it in every aspect of her life. Love for her family, children, husband, friends all her instincts are maternal and all she does to love is to be committed in everything. A woman's heart is simple (but don't mis-interpret this with being useless), I mean she believes in things that she can deal with. Anything she opens up to with a positive mind and easily. That is why we say a woman is blessed, because she will always see the good in things and I do believe even as I write this all women out there will agree to the same. But does a woman get hurt? oh yes on several occasions women get hurt the most. Just as they love the most, So they get hurt the most especially when all they have done is to bring together and then to realize their world has been shattered. But do you know how she deals with all this? If you are a woman, I would just like to share this with you and I believe this article is going to help very many women around the world no matter their situation. As a woman:

  1. learn to always look at your strengths and what I mean is, in what areas do you excel? is it in your children? Then accumulate all your energies there, your job, your marriage in whatever aspect you are good at that makes you smile then double your efforts in there.
  2. Always be positive with a "i can do it attitude" and never rely on your weaknesses or on things that have gone wrong because that is not the spirit of a woman.
  3. Always learn to appreciate yourself, take time to do those little things that make you happy and that will stimulate your mind. That way you generate energy to keep yourself in good shape and to enable you to carry on with your duties as a woman because as a woman we saw we are the hope of tomorrow and everything is on our shoulders.
  4. Determination is another key to a woman's life because she does not want to fail those around her.
  5. Prayer "a woman who prays has a chance to overcome many obstacles because prayer offers solace and it brings one closer to God making it easier to overcome solitude.
  6. Don't lock yourself up when faced by challenges, take your time to go out with people who love you like your friends and choose the right ones to share with your concerns and worries (those you trust most).

After all the tips and sharing about what to do to remain strong, I believe the strength can only come from within us. If we don't make ourselves happy first, then it will be hard for others to do so. Search your inner strength and see the person that you really are.


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