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About Online Dating Websites

Updated on October 31, 2013
Love this photo of President Obama. What is he actually looking at? Hmmm.
Love this photo of President Obama. What is he actually looking at? Hmmm.

The great thing about the Internet and online dating is that you can peruse a wide variety of men or women. Online websites like eharmony, match, over 50, and the like, try to mimic your choices and preferences based upon those you deem as possible candidates using various algorithms or comparisons.

Once you insert your traits etc., various candidates will begin to be sent to you on a daily basis for you to choose from and most will continue to refine the search for.

What is most annoying to searchers is the overly amount of caution some have about using it. Yes, I know, data can stolen and hackers are everywhere and so are perverts, but the data on the dating websites about you is basic and there is no financials involved. There are no addresses, phone numbers or anything, unless the two share them.

One annoying habit for some is to list everything about them and then not post a photo. Then, tell you that one can be sent if they like you. What is the point? The very first thing anyone does when looking for a mate is the visuals. If pleasing, one continues, if not, pass. A person who is afraid to post a photo is defeating their purpose from the start. It is a huge turn off to not see who you are writing with. Another issue is to use older photos to represent you. This is another annoying item because people do change and if you do not look the same as you once did five years ago, the truth will come out when you meet. Then, it could be a waste of time. Photos are themselves misleading because of lighting, doctoring etc. Many take bad photos and look nice in person. The opposite is true also.

Assuming both parties are into one another, some wish to continue using the texting\email method, and again, this is misleading when trying to know someone. They are afraid to simply agree to meet and see if chemistry is there. Avoiding this is just prolonging suspense and time. Why the fear? It is no different than when you go to a club and meet others? Even if you are indecisive about one, just agree to meet at Starbucks and see, sending texts back and forth gets old fast and leads to a the same destination-that is, you must meet and greet.

Some list artificial requirements, like, they want their mate to earn X amount of dollars or if you currently separated, don't bother. Are these people looking for a richer person or do they fear that being separated means it is not "over"? I understand the fear, but if one has been separated for a long time, it IS over.

Online dating services are safe but after awhile, they become a blur. Everyone states similar things because of the format imposed by the site. They all sound kind of the same. These sites consume a lot of time, so if you have nothing to do, enjoy an hour or so looking. A good way to see if there is mutual attraction is to send them a message or "favorite" or "like" them, maybe "wink" also. They will get it and if they like your profile, they will do the same. If not, well, continue looking.


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