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About equality between man and woman

Updated on August 10, 2009

According to religious beliefs,God created man,then he created woman from a rib of the man.After the creation of the man,God saw that this man was feeling alone and quickly got bored.He decided to give him a companion with whom he would share every thing.That's how Adam and Eve come to this earth.They've been together all the time,became friends,loved each other and got children,boys and girls.The boys and the girls loved each other too and got children until the world became full of human beings.

As we see,in order to fill this world with humans man and woman had to join themselves together.So, for me male and female are complements and not rivals.Women are the half of humanity and men the other half.

Since the beginning of mankind, man and woman get together to form a family,share everything.Male has to work outside to bring the necessary to feed the family when female has to work inside by cleaning the place where they live,supply water,prepare food etc...Thus they live for centuries.

Nowadays,in the western countries Europe and America,the family is generally composed of the father, the mother,and the children.The grand parents live independently. In the African society,the family is a very large one.It is composed of the father,the mother,the grandparents,the uncle ,the ant etc...You can live with your parents,your uncles, your nephews...You can raise your nieces and your nephews...In India and other Asian countries,a woman can live in her husband family and carries out domestic tasks under the authority of her parents-in-law.Nowadays it is not rare to see Indian women working outside in offices mills...But in general one expects from them to carry out their traditional duties in the family in addition to their work outside.

There was no competition between the man and his companion.Each of them know their respective role in the family plan.It was not untill the 20th century ,after the industrial revolution that women began to claim for equality between the sexs.After the first and second world wars,a lot of men went to war and several of them died.After the wars,nations involded in reconstruction,so they needed a lot of workers no matter their sex.I n some working places men were paid more than women for the same work.Some directors refuse to hire females for certain kind of works.This drove women to revolt.After many and many demonstrations, now in most part of the world women and men get the same salary for the same work.You can see women CEOs everywhere.In most countries,legislations give strict equality between citizens.In some countries,they vote laws called"positive discriminations" in favor of women to fill the gap between genders in political or/and work fields.Some institutions of the UN system encourage the female gender to apply for positions by having preference for female applications.

Do not see relations men/women in terms of competition.Don't forget that God created man and woman to serve each other and not to be rivals.Man needs woman necessarily and vice-versa.For example,you can't make love alone.Although we have men who sex together,let me say that there are some kind of affections only a woman can give you.A kind of feeling that you can notice clearly when you're making love that you can't in no way find with a male partner.On the other hand,a lesbian once told me:"It's good to be with my female partner but sometimes I really need a man's presence."

Whoever you are you'll need the service of the other sex,in one domain or another.That's inevitable.I think that man and woman are complements and not rivals.


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    • profile image

       6 years ago

      excellent and meritorious


    • profile image

      ruaksha 4 years ago

      correct with out women world is nothing ........

    • adamsey profile image

      adamsey 4 years ago from Niamey(Niger)

      I absolutely agree with you Ruaksha. i know the importance of women because i was raised by women when men dismissed. But let‘s agree also that without men world is nothing too.


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