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Break The Circle Of Violence

Updated on May 1, 2012
Break The Circle Of Abuse
Break The Circle Of Abuse | Source

All relationships have their ups and downs, from husband and wives, between parents and children, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends,teacher and student, boyfriend with girlfriend, same sex relationships, doctors with their in patients, co workers, employee and employer.

We will not always agree with each others behavior, opinions, approve of our choices, lifestyles or decisions. During the course of these relationships there will times of joy, sorrow, togetherness, disagreements, rivalries, belief, regret, disrespect, squabbles, happiness, kindness, love and hope. Unfortunately in extreme cases these relationships are expressed with outbursts, we use words that wound each other and in the worst case, we harm each other with physical abuse.

Those who use the words to wound and physically harm another are more than likely part of the never ending circle of abuse that has been passed down from generation to generation. From one person to the next they continue to use the words that once hurt them, they demonstrate the type of physical abuse they experienced because they weren't taught any other way. They communicate with screams, vulgar language, slaps, punches, kicks, using forceful methods to get their point across.

Individuals chose those methods to communicate for lack of a better understanding of how to communicate any other way. They weren't raised with love, forgiveness, compassion, joy, happiness and hope. What is normal to our way of behaving is foreign to them. When seeing, experiencing a calmer way of life they feel out of place because as their way of life isn't appropriate to us, our way of life isn't is confusing to them.

The saddest part in all this, not knowing a different way of life they continue the circle, teaching generation after generation that their methods of communicating is acceptable. Those who are the victims of this abuse don't understand they deserve better, may not be aware their are organizations that can help them remove themselves, offer counseling, show them that there is a different side of life, one that expresses love, caring, compassion, hope, faith and a happier than they knew existed.

Relationships that involve any form of abuse isn't healthy and shouldn't be tolerated. However in the defense of those involved walking away isn't as easy as it sounds. Yes that appears to be the logical solution yet, those in abusive relationship the word logic isn't in their vocabulary. The women of abuse have such a low self esteem and many believe they deserve the abuse they receive. They take the blame sometimes to help defuse the situation and hope it doesn't escalate into either more abusive behavior towards themselves and ultimately they fear for the safety of the children and others in the family.

The media, local hospitals, support groups, school assemblies, physicians and any number of community groups do their best to reach those locked into abusive relationships, offering them an outlet in hopes they remove themselves and children from the potential dangerous lifestyle. The spotlight on this subject incorporates all forms and methods of abuse that exists in all relationships, it isn't just prevalent in husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend situations. Though over the years domestic violence has increased ten fold.

The various out reach programs, shelters, support groups offer a safe haven where you can share your story. In this environment your are safe, there are those who can relate to your experiences and offer suggestions that will help you take the steps necessary to end the circle of abuse. By letting go and walking away you are on a voyage of rediscovering who you are and making a happier and safer life for you and your children. You are a symbol of courage and hope. Be the one to break that circle and form a new circle, one of love, joy, hope and happiness.


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