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Abusing the system

Updated on March 10, 2011

Author W. K. Hayes

Abusing Fan Mail

Over the course of the past two weeks, I have noticed that there are Hubbers that abuse the system. They will leave fan mail that says nothing about the writer’s work and they do not leave any comments about any of the writer’s posts.

What they are doing, is leaving an ad for themselves. Normally, when someone does this, I will deny his or her fan request. Why, you might ask? Simple, being a fan to a writer makes it quicker for that person to be, seen in Hubpages and although this trick works, it is very rude in that we should not use each other to promote ourselves in such a negative and selfish manner.

Ultimately, your comments are, needed on this subject and I want my fellow Hubbers to step up and voice how you feel about this. Therefore, the question is this, how do you feel about other Hubbers using you to promote, their work?


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    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Website Examiner. As a firm believer that people should help one another...not use one another for selfish reasons. After reading your article earlier, I sincerely hope mroe people will look at your work. Your articles are very insightful and helpful and I do look forward to reading many more of them.

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      Excellent point, and I am in agreement with you. Fan mail is an excellent way to express appreciation, and it is also fair enough to leave a business card of sorts on that Hubber's profile page. Provided, of course, that the praise is genuine.

      Fan mail is not always sincere. I had been here a long time before I discovered that one of my followers had been leaving the same message on other Hubbers' profile page as well. Needless to say, it lowered my esteem of him. If someone leaves hollow-sounding messages, or simply a fan mail without a message, I will deny it in most cases.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Hi Ivorwin, everyone does have their own method for doing the best they can to be seen and's the nature of the Hubs, so to speak. However, using people to gain that attentions is inappropriate behavior and shows a lack of respect on one's part for their fellow hubbers.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Hi Shynsly, Followers that don't leave comments doesn't bother me one's folks that want to be added to the Fan list and don't say anything that kind of bothers me. Honestly, how can a person say they are a fan of anything if they haven't taken the time to at least say, "Great hubs". Two words...two seconds.

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I've hung out here for more than two years, and in that time there is one thing I have learned: There will always be those who work the system. Different people have different reasons for doing what they do, and it is your right to deny fan mail that you don't approve of. I personally only deny those that ask me to follow them back, but that is my choice.

      I try to at least take a look at the things written by those I follow, but there are many things I miss. There is no way I can comment on half of the hubs I do read. Many times, I have nothing to add, so say nothing. When I get frustrated by the way things work, I remind myself that the cream rises to the top, and that cream will be different for each of us.

    • shynsly profile image

      shynsly 7 years ago from Sierra Vista, AZ

      I have mixed emotions about it... on the one hand, I agree with most of what you said, for a person to put so much effort into trying to create a halfway decent hub, it can be a little annoying to have a bunch of "followers" that you never hear from in any capacity.

      But... on the other hand, I myself tend to be a bit of a "lurker". I follow a lot of hubbers, and do my best to keep up with new hubs they publish, but if it's a subject I don't have any expertise on, I usually won't comment. I also tend to feel a bit akward attempting to comment on poetry hubs or stories that aren't my "cup of tea". Although I do usually always vote up and/or click feedback.