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Actions of Love

Updated on March 6, 2012
Waddles & Jenny's Wedding
Waddles & Jenny's Wedding | Source

The word love can be expressed in may ways and for various relationships. From the innocent expressions of love of a child to the mature love of an adult. This picture depicts my grandson's innocent view of love, where he, in his homemade tie planned the wedding of his two favorite animals friends, Waddles the penguin and Jenny the dog. The " hall " aka my living room was decorated, the event was catered, aka Grammie delivered pizza, soda and dessert, music and dancing were compliments of DJ NeNe, his Aunty. He officiated the ceremony and his sister Haley gave the bride and groom away. The wedding and reception went off without a hitch. From what Leo tells me, the bride and groom are very happy and visit me from time to time when we have sleepovers, they go everywhere with.

Expressions of love, sacrifices for love, showing love all depends on the individuals and how they preserve them. My oldest daughter Nichole was getting married, my youngest daughter Brittany was 13 years old at the time and knew I was a bit stressed between work, home. the rehearsal, having appointments for hair, manicures and wanting to get my house cleaned, I wanted to scream yet found a way to remain calm. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were on Thursday, Friday I took off from work and arranged for my Nichole, her future mother in law Linda and I to have, manicures, pedicures and if wanted acrylic nails. Following those appointments we went our separate ways to complete our final touches. I promised Brittany I would take her that evening to get her own manicure and pedicure as a special treat. Well, she had a special treat planned for me that I knew nothing about. I came home to pick her up after school and walked into, Is this really my house? She and her best friend cleaned my house from top to bottom, there was sparkle, shine and more. I was in awe and especially grateful. That to me, was an example of showing you love someone. She knew that I was stressed out and she helped to relieve some of that stress.

There are so many ways you can show a person you love them with your actions and not just those words, I love you. Cook them their favorite dinner, come home with flowers for no particular reason, fold their laundry, wash their car, bring home a favorite treat on the way home from work, clean the house, let them sleep late, do chores without being asked, surprise them with a night out unexpectedly, give them a hug just because, send a text during the day just to say I am thinking of you, treat them to a movie, lunch or dinner out, make their bed, clean the yard, trim the bushes and more.

The ideas I presented above are for all relationships, that of husband - wife, parent - child, siblings, cousins, friends, grandparent - grandchild, grandchild to grandparent, aunts, uncles and even between friends.

My grandson Leo will just come up and give me a hug, telling me, that means I love you. For Christmas all he wanted was more of my hugs. I love seeing how innocently and completely a child freely expresses their love. My granddaughter Haley at that age would sit and watch a movie with me so I wasn't lonely. My daughter Brittany when she was younger, would cuddle with me so I wouldn't miss her daddy so much, this always brought tears to my eyes. I was the parent yet she was taking care of me. My niece, I and my oldest two girls would clean my parent's house because they were either in Boston Children's or in Maryland National Caner Institute while my sister Terri was receiving treatments to put her leukemia in remission. My boyfriend cooks dinner for me to make sure I am eating right. My two year old granddaughter Elizabeth shares her snacks with me. Just stopping by to visit someone is a expression of love. Letting them know you haven't forgotten them especially if that person is sick. Bringing over home cooked meals so they eat right and don't have to worry about cooking.

What about the sacrifices that have been made for love. This is especially true for parents. How often do parents put the needs of their children first? Pretty much all the time. How often did you get some form of money, not just in currency, in gift cards as well. Who did you spend them on? Probably not yourself. The majority of the time a parent would rather go without so their children have what they need and sometimes what they want. The greatest sacrifices are made by parents for their children. These parents are setting my far the most important example of all, teaching their children with love.


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