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Addictions, Relationships And The Aftermath

Updated on July 14, 2014

When I used to hear the word addiction my automatically turned to thoughts of drugs like heroin, acid and LSD. I've experienced and discovered that there are many other substances and behaviors that create and cause addictive behavior. I've witnessed a few of these within my life and that of family and friends. Having the ability to relate and understand gives me a different perspective that a person who's on the outside looking in. However what we can't see is the stress our addictions have on those individuals. While in the midst of the turmoil our addiction(s) cause we are blind, ignorant and to selfish see the impact we cause our family and friends. Many relationships are strained during this process of life, parents forced to use tough love, children walk away, friends go by the way side and in the end, we are all alone.

Quite a few of our addictions cause a financial downfall. This leads to use of creative and inappropriate ways to obtain the cash flow necessary to feed our destructive behavior. The prisons are full of inmates who found themselves at the wrong end of the law by trying criminal resources to fuel our habit. The common thread in all the scenario's of addiction is the desire to feed the addiction, that wins out over everything else. Our common sense goes out the window and we're left to our own devices and that's hasn't worked out to well. Quite a few of us have lost their jobs, families, friends, are homeless, with no food, only the clothes on their back and self esteem in non existent. What we all fail to realize is, that in the midst of our addictions, we lose sight of the bigger picture called life, our tunnel vision only enables us to see the satisfaction our addiction brings to our miserable life.

Those of us who have the addictive personalities go anywhere from drugs, to alcohol, between food and shopping, gambling to sex, hoarding, smoking to coffee and some are even addicted to on line games, dating sites, pornographic sites and begin to have emotional affairs with people they've never met. Those are at the top of the list yet there are so many more addictions that hinder our lives. There are times we may not even be aware because we're so blinded by our needs that we block out our surroundings, ignore the pleas of our family and friends. Our focus is on us, what we want, crave and desire that all else ceases to exist.

The shopaholic is known to have numerous credit cards that are maxed out, their bills, past due notices, even foreclosure warnings are pushed aside, ignored as they continue their shopping sprees. They don't even have to leave their house. The introduction of the shopping channels such as QVC brought you just a phone call away from making a purchase and now, with on line shopping you're just a click away. They've been known to open credit cards using another person's identity, stealing credit cards, ATM cards and money. Their addiction wins out and relationships, marriages and friendships suffer. The loss of possessions, law suits, criminal charges and utter humiliation follow.

Gambling ranges anywhere from back room poker games, to playing the lottery, buying scratch tickets, to going from casino to casino in hopes of hitting it big. The more you spend, the more you lose, the more you lose, the more you spend trying to win back what you've lost. This is a vicious circle that has no end. The introduction to on line gambling now plays a factor into this never ending circle, going around and around with no end in sight.

What about the person who handles their stress by shopping and tend to buy items that they may never use. I am willing to bet they have closets full of sale items that have gone unsued fro weeks, months and even years. They do collect dust. How many times have they been late paying bills, haven't had enough money for gas or groceries because they rely on retail therapy instead of getting to the root of the matter.

The list of addictions is endless and will continue to grow unless the cause and reasons behind their need to obsess by self medicating, consuming food, shopping and more is addressed and they get to the root of the matter.


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    • S T Alvyn profile image

      S T Alvyn 3 years ago from New England

      There are quite a few people I know who should read this, but I know they won't see what I see as they are not ready.

      Today has so many distractions, one addiction is replaced by another. I had a friend whose husband was in rehab for an addiction to lying...