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Adding spice to your romantic life

Updated on October 19, 2014

Having a romantic relationship with someone can be the best thing that has happened in your life. But maintaining the spark in the relationship may become difficult and more so, after the marriage. Your partner may have a number of expectations and you may lack the wherewithal to fulfill them. This may result in regular tiffs that may ultimately douse the romantic flame between you and your partner. Similarly, long-term togetherness may also contribute to loss of spark in the relationship. You can adopt a few uncomplicated steps to help you and your partner maintain the same level of romance in the relationship.
Relationship experts suggest that a break from the normal routine may revive romance in your love life. This does not mean that you must plan an expensive vacation to an exotic location. You can even plan a short trip to a nearby town and spend time together for about two or three days. While packing things for your trip, make sure to have all the items that may induce romantic feelings in you. This includes the best dresses, beautiful candles, high-quality perfumes, CD's that contain romantic music, etc. These items can help you in having a few special nights in the place. Mood lighting with candles and soft music can certainly contribute to your efforts to revive romance in your life.
You must plan the trip well because the itinerary should be full of activities that may interest you as well as your partner. There can be adventurous activities also but make sure that these activities do not tire you. You can go for long walks in isolated spots where you may not have any distractions.
Most importantly, you and your partner should decide not to fight or enter into arguments during the trip. This may defeat its very purpose.


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