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Adorable Ways to Say I Love You!

Updated on June 1, 2015

Express your love in one or all of these fun ways!

Post a love note with instant replies!

This is such a cute idea. Like "for sale" flyers posted on bulletin boards, this little "personal ad" offers a quick way for your sweetie to reply!


A Toast to Love!

What a great way to start someone's day; Use a metal Valentine cookie cutter to form an egg while it cooks into a heart shape and place on toast.


Chalk It Up to Being in Love!

Chalk notes are fast, easy, cheap, and fun! Check out your local dollar store or kid's toy department of any bigger store to find chalk in loads of colors. And yes! It washes off with just water!


Love Boggles the Mind

Spell out your loving feelings on a Boggle game grid. Boggle is available in most stores that carry family games (including Target and Walmart).


Make your Point!

Super cute and quick! Show this off in person or take a photo like this one and send it off to your true love!


Make Your Love Sparkle!

Set your camera on a long exposure to catch your message being written in sparkler fire! Wow!


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Do you have some great and clever ideas to share?

Add your own (pg13 and cleaner) ideas to the comments below!

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    • sheilamarie78 profile image

      sheilamarie78 2 years ago

      These are such fun ways to tell someone you love them! Terrific!