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Advantages of Short Girls

Updated on March 19, 2014
Being short is not a problem.
Being short is not a problem.

Vertically Challenge - I love it!

Being vertically challenged is not something you should be ashamed of. Yes, you might encounter some people who will make fun of your height and who will think of themselves as your superiors because you always have to look up to them (literally). Keep in mind though that these are just some road blocks you need to overcome and eventually it will be just a thing in the past. Don't let this hindrances stop you from being YOU.

Fretting about your height is just a waste of time. Nothing good will come out of brooding over your height problems. Instead of tormenting yourself into this issue, thinking about possible solutions on how you can gain some height, why not focus on the advantages that your height can give you? You will be amazed by how much you can do because you're small.

Here are some advantages to help you boost your morale:

You look young for your age

If someone told you that you look young for your age, be thankful! Telling you that you look young doesn't mean you didn't grow up intellectually. Don't take it the wrong way. The person is just describing how you look and being young is a good thing. Physical appearance matters to most of us girls and if you're already old but if you still look like you're on your teens, then you can still dress up as if you're still a teenage girl (but choose a decent style which is still appropriate for your age).

People will offer you help

Chances are, if people saw you carrying loads of things, they will run to your rescue immediately. They will think that you might get tired easily or you're having a hard time getting on your destination. Therefore it will be easier for you to walk and feel comfortable. (Don't forget to say thank you to your hero)

Tall/Short guys will like you a lot

No matter what the height of the guy is, they will surely love petite girls. Tall/short guys will tower over you therefore they'll feel they can protect you from any harm. They won't feel inferior towards you. they will feel comfortable walking with you. (Still,height doesn't matter but petite girls have a high chance of getting their prince charming, just saying...)

Fit into those children's clothes

I guess this item goes whether you're a girl or a boy. I'm proud to say that I usually find perfect fit clothes in the children's or pre-teen's section. Sometimes it's hard to look for clothes that will fit me comfortably in the adult section and so I just go to the kids section and voila, I'll find the perfect jeans or top for me. Aside from that I get to pay less because let's admit it, most women's or men's wear are a bit expensive compared to teen/children's wear.

The odds are often times in our favor

Most of the time, I get to call myself lucky because my size pretty much have all the advantages when it comes to certain things like, in a public transportation where there's a low chance (for others) to fit in a crowded vehicle, I can just sneak inside, squish myself in and occupy a tiny space. This includes, bus, elevator, trains etc.

If I am to pick up something under a small desk, I can just easily crawl because I'm small without hurting myself due to bumps and scratches. For tall people this incident will took them a lot of effort including bruises and wounds. Or when watching a movie, you have an excuse to sit in front because you won't be able to see the film if the person in front of you is blocking your view.

Short, and Proud

As a petite girl, I've encountered several problems in building my self-confidence because of my height. I'll admit that it was hard for me to accept it at first. But then I realize that, so what if I'm short, I can still do a lot of things that others can't do. I notice that my height doesn't affect me in a bad way.

For those who are still in a fuss over their height, just keep in mind that the least of you worries. There are successful people who are small like us. Be short and proud!

For short people do you buy your clothes from the kid's section?

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