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Advice For Women On How To Not Scare You're Man Away

Updated on July 15, 2016

This is how you keep you're man around

Are you tired of saying to yourself the same thing on a regular basis "why are men jerks"? I know you're sick of it just as much as hearing men say the same about women in reverse. The harsh truth about that is most men are jerks but too many women show this is what they want so I'm here explain. We all want to happy, loved, desired, and to find that special someone that you could spend the rest of you're life with. Unfortunately unnecessary problems comes into play before a true connection can get even started. First-things-first ladies you have to stop coming on so strong and learn to relax. Relationships take time to build but are often destroyed before it built. Give it time, let men enjoy themselves, and have there space once in a while. You have to stop claiming men that don't even know there claimed.

Showing dominate traits, and strong arming you're way into a man's heart is not the path to entry. Men have barriers around there hearts the same way women cage there hearts due to past trauma's. So you have to look at it from you're own point of view and understand that it's not just you as women that hold these trust issues. I'm not here to tell you to move on and get over situations that scarred you deeply and pretend it never happen. That's not human. You have to understand that you can't just jump to the top of the ladder without climbing one step at a time.Some ladies just tend dismantle a good thing simply by not "letting men be men". Say you meet a guy, you're dating, and eventually you start to get intimate . Afterwards he may stay around for a little (which is already a good start) then he goes on his way. To him you're a booty call but in you're mind he's officially yours but doesn't feel the same way you do. The worst possible thing a woman can do in this situation is say these words "so what are we exactly?." The next one that follows suite is you telling the man how much you like him and that you think you'll make a great couple.

An that's exactly where you start to see the change in the man. He stops calling, doesn't respond to you're text messages, and makes you feel completely used right? One of the reasons for this is that men hate to a lot of questions, and are terrible liars. Nobody likes a liar especially a woman. They want complete honesty but have no idea how to handle true feelings because man truth is like verbal attack straight to the heart. They'll respect you for telling the truth but will leave when they hear something they don't like. So here we are again; look at it from a different prospective and see how hypocritical you're really being .

Now there's a way out of this so don't think you're just trapped as his friend with benefits like a men trapped in friend zone. There's an escape option for ladies because simple actions can get into that relationship you truly desire. Don't let his honesty scare you away just take a moment to hear him out. I've personally tested being honest with women i had no intentions of going anywhere with just to see how they handle the truth as if I was taking polls .Numbers a show that ninety-nine percent fail because brutal honesty is just that' brutality and no woman wants there heart crushed. A woman's love is beautiful, and no one cares like a women does which makes them so absolutely beautiful inside and out. Here's a fact for you that you need to understand fully. If you were ask you're man if he's seeing anybody else other then you and he says yes; you're first reaction shouldn't be to leave. Instead respect his honesty and realize that if he can be upfront like that from the first leap into things. Obviously his love for you would be just as honest.

Play along with the game instead of hating on it and wondering why he still has to play when he has you. Realize that things are new and he needs to be conditioned first. Understand how important that makes to him when you react positive to his honesty of seeing another woman. Instead of flipping out and going crazy about it You should be thinking to yourself how to make yourself his only queen and know there can only be one. Don't text him so much, don't go around trying investigate and look up his past. Don't go through his phone looking for something to upset you only one month in. All you''ll end up doing is jumping off the boat back into the sea waiting for some brand new stranger to catch you. To wrongs have never made a right; they only crash into one another. You meet a great man an feeling ever so joyful just enjoy the time you're having and let the wheel keep spinning . You may stop at something fantastic, or stop at nothing but wheels will always spin. No women ever wants to think about being number two to another women, let alone three, or even four. You're a second to third place winner and not a fourth place loser so either way you're still on the winning path. You being second should automatically make you know that you can be first because sometimes you have to watch what's in front of you to learn how to defeat it. In this case that's replacing you being a back side chick and now the front rider queen.

As far as wanting alone time the same thing applies back to women towards men. Women want there space too, but they want there's in a completely different way then we do. Not like multiple men on the side but no woman wants a guy drooling over her constantly. It turns them off too especially if you're over controlling or just plain wimp. So here it is; don't be afraid to try new things intimately, or don't get upset when he wants to hang with his boys for a night. When you just let him do what he wants and not bug him so much he'll realize how much of a great woman he has. We aren't the same at all we're just different physically and mentally and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not about rights, or equality, it's just about understanding and letting men be dogs sometimes. Stop relating dogs to men in negative ways because they don't resemble negativity .Say you're so dogs loyal you can open the door, let it free, do it's business, and the dog will come back because he knows there's love inside a happy home awaiting you. A man claiming to be single 7 times out of 10 probably has a couple of friends with benefits and trying to decide wish women stays. It's okay to fight for that golden glove first because once you established you fought that hard you'll that get a shot at the title. Look at it as a prize and you can't change a prize so stop thinking you can change men. As far as wanting to know how to keep you're man forever that's another story to be told.

Just don't mess with a man's fun, and don't give him facial expressions that make him feel guilty when you haven't proved a thing yet. Men don't want a lot and leaving a man alone time to time will make him miss you more. So now you know these easy tips to not scaring your man away. accept his honesty, work with it, be more easy going and he won't want anybody else. Don't spread ugly guilt trips for silly reasons. He tells you he has a girl but it's not working out make it work for you. Don't tell him you like him so much so quick that it scares him away because he's just going to look at it as you falling in love. You may not agree with everything I'm saying,or you may just keep watching love movies and fantasizing about none existing things. Or you can loosen up, have fun, not stress you're man, or arm wrestle him into decisions he's not ready for yet. There's plenty of loyal good guys out there that woman don't want. so since most of you want that jerk take this advice on how to keep him around. An maybe someday you'll be his queen because a true king needs that whether he admits it or not.


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