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Advice and Tips for Men in Relationships: Know the secret path to her heart

Updated on October 18, 2011

How many times do I need to tell myself that she is not like other girls? The beauty of her face puts me into the soul of a child and makes me stand on the doors of heaven again. One step in the wrong direction and I would lose her, forever.

She is a kind of person who makes me think about myself first and what are my priorities in life. It is like when you go to a grocery store and finds everything tempting, essential and worthy of buying it. She is not like that. She just knows me better. I guess, and I am still thinking, it is because she knows what she wants.

She is not demanding. No, not at all! It would be bit selfish on my part to say that. She needs extra care like any other beautiful thing in this world.

I think this is the case with every other man who is in a relationship and loves his girl from the heart. Definitely, I’m not talking about those who just love the idea of being committed but never actually give it a try.

There are useful tips and suggestions for men in relationships. This is my personal favorite collection of ideas and techniques put into practice. I assure you that human heart and habits are same all across the planet. A fact beyond any boundaries!

1. Listen to her carefully:

What did I say over here? Please do not listen to anything else that she is not talking about. Girls and girlfriends are specific about particular things such as the day when they first met, small things that turn them mad about you and sometimes the bright color of your clothes. Or it can be nothing in particular. Do not give them any reason to stop loving you for the things which first brought you closer and hands into hands. They rarely seem to have any other memory left of the days which followed it. Life seems to have found a permanent place and address for them over here. My girl regularly talks about the days when we started seeing each other and how anxiety, impulsive behavior characterized our thoughts then. For her, this is not about holding the past and refusing to let the present walk into our lives. Her idea is to constantly remind oneself that love cannot exist in its purest form unless we collect all the pieces together and solve the puzzle every day. I listen to her as she continues to solve the mysteries of my own life. 

2. She is sometimes more stronger or enacts your part in a relationship

This should rather be the first rule- there should be no moments of insecurity. The most difficult part is that when you expect the other person to come up with justification that would not only caress your bruised ego but also want it to be said in a particular manner. It is tragedy. A catastrophic nature of events! You are going to burn your fingers in it badly. Be it a boy or girl; try to accept things the way they are, bitter or ugly. Otherwise you would be too busy chasing bleak shadows and running in the dark. Nobody is asking you here to change anything, sacrifice old living habits or do something which you are not comfortable with. Why would you exactly do it in the first place? It is to be better put across as an evolutionary phase- evolving more as a person who underlines the importance of love in his life and knows what to do when something like this happens.

3. She has an equal share in your life

This is the biggest of all pandemic issues. When she come shouting (in an orderly manner) that she has an equal share in your life. It certainly does not mean that you are going to father a child or something that was not planned earlier. The advice for men in relationships is that trust matters. It can win her heart for you! It goes without saying that when girls take somebody as their life-partners, they stick to it, irrespective of the conditions outside on the surface. They have better emotional and physical stability standards, when it comes to inner-strength of the mind. There is nothing to feel as let down by natural forces of Universe rather we need to appreciate that our other-half is scientifically better than us. The advice is to stay purposefully committed and try to know her more day by day because she would not reveal herself out unless she develops a strong belief and security about it. The need is to wait for the right moment when she makes you walk through that door and enter into her life. The best suggestion or advice is to have unwavering or unconditional faith in one another.

Respect, hate or fight: I know that it is quite possible for you to love or hate few habits of your partner. There would be moments when you pick up a fight without any probable signs of anybody losing or finishing it soon. Never forget one thing- She can hold you like a baby or topple you down like a loser if you do not show respect or dignity.

I would say and I have experienced it “she is not the other half. She is the one half which makes you complete”.

I have few more things to say as the topic is interesting and close to the heart. However we need to hold something back for the next meeting as well.

We want to know more from you..

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