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Advice for Men about the Best Gifts for Girls and Presents for Women

Updated on December 1, 2013
A Tasteful Yet Sexy Nightie Should Pass the Mother in Law Test!
A Tasteful Yet Sexy Nightie Should Pass the Mother in Law Test!

Presents for Ladies That Will Make her Adore You!

This is written for all you guys who struggle to find acceptable presents for your girl friend or wife. You know that sinking feeling when your thoughtful gift fails to hit the spot?

Well all that will now be be a thing of the past. Read on to be an expert in gift buying for women. Along the way, we'll also identify some minefield presents to avoid!

Beware Domestic Appliances and 'Cheap' Lingerie

First, don’t buy the love of your life a Domestic Appliance. An ironing board is instant death. An iron is worse as she may throw it in the direction of your head. Even food mixers or vacuum cleaners are not generally welcomed.

Another area to tread carefully is Lingerie. Yes, girls love the stuff but make sure it is to her taste and not yours. The carefully selected garments you choose should give her dignity. If it makes her look gorgeous and feminine then you are OK. If she looks like a cheap tart then you may be in trouble! (More on this later!)

Where to draw the line? Well, if it is your first time buying her lingerie then a relatively long nightdress is a safe bet. Something thin and figure hugging in silk can be sexy yet stylish. A slit in the side or rear is acceptable but do err on the side of caution. Anything that reveals too much naked flesh may be judged tasteless and she may feel exploited!

A Lovely Cardigan Will go down a Storm
A Lovely Cardigan Will go down a Storm

Mother in Law Test

Apply the Mother in Law Test to your first time lingerie purchases. No this doesn't mean imagining your mum in law wearing it. That would be gross! But ask yourself, ‘would your beloved be comfortable wearing your gift in front of her mother?’ If not then don’t buy it!

Incidentally if that first lingerie gift isn't hot or raunchy enough for your beloved, I'm sure she'll quickly let you know and point you in the direction of something really wild that better expresses her sensual personality!

Women also love Jewellery or Accessories and generally find them acceptable presents, as long as you check out what floats their boat. Common male mistakes are items that are too gaudy and flashy.

As far as jewellery goes, avoid too many different colours. Some women will even be offended if you mix too many precious stones within a single jewellery item.

Buying something that looks more at home in the Tower of London will surprisingly upset some girls. Also, beware, those hard-hearted ladies who will coolly sell your valuable gift on Ebay!

If you aren’t confident about lingerie then go for clothing that isn’t so intimate. Ordinary clothing can be acceptable but bear in mind fashion is very important to women. It is no good just buying say a sweater or even worse getting your Grandma to knit one for you.

The colour must be right and it must be in a currently fashionable style. What was cool last year may be totally unacceptable this winter.

A fashionable cardigan is a relatively safe bet but, if possible, check out your choice with another woman first.

Contents of Her Underwear Drawer?
Contents of Her Underwear Drawer?

Check her Underwear Drawer!

Before embarking on clothes present shopping, find out what she likes. Have a sly look through her wardrobe and her clothes drawers.

But beware of being caught in the act. She may assume you are a closet transvestite or, if she finds you rummaging in her knicker drawer, that you are a pervert.

One of my soon to be ex girlfriends said to me sorrowfully, when catching me holding up a pair of her frilly knickers from her drawer,

“Look, you only had to ask. Keep that pair, if you want, but please don’t let me catch you doing this again!”

Another approach is to have a look online at clothes websites to see what is available. You can then show her the site and see what she thinks. Be warned that should you choose Walmart or Tesco she may redirect you to Prada, Burberry or some other upmarket site that pleases her more.

Books and Videos are more hit and miss. Some women love Chick Lit but others may be offended that you think them so shallow. Some girls may find the very idea of a book unacceptable. If you must go for a video make sure it is suitable. Violent thrillers and horror are not to every woman’s taste!

Weekend Hotel Breaks are great for building a Romantic Relationship but don't jump the gun and suggest it too soon!
Weekend Hotel Breaks are great for building a Romantic Relationship but don't jump the gun and suggest it too soon!
Pythons Can be Fun but are not recommended as a Romantic Gift!
Pythons Can be Fun but are not recommended as a Romantic Gift!

Romantic Weekends and Pet problems

Depending on how well you know each other, a Weekend Break could go down well. Imagine a couple of nights in a romantic hotel, with flowers in the room, a present or two and a bottle of wine thrown in.

But don’t presumptuous. An invitation to a Romantic Weekend delivered on a first date may reinforce the idea that you are only after one thing.

Lingerie and romantic weekends should be reserved for girls who you know ‘intimately’ if you get my drift! The offer of an intimate weekend in your company is not generally a good chat up line for a casual female acquaintance.

Of course you can come up with a gift that is totally unpredictable and unexpected but this ‘inspirational’ approach also carries much greater risks.

A huge Basket of Flowers, bought on a whim, may go down a storm while a massive Box of Chocolates may cause displeasure because she is on a diet. Saying,’ I’d never have guessed you needed to loose any weight,’ may not be enough to be forgiven!

Pets are also very risky. Just because she melts at the sight of a cute little puppy doesn't mean she wants one urinating on her fluffy carpet.

You might also find that six foot python a cool novelty but she might have other ideas, particularly when the damn thing escapes and frightens her girlfriends half to death.

Should you decide to try for a lingerie gift, then you'll find plenty of websites that include a video of each item so you can get a better idea how they will actually look when worn. Here is a typical example:

Typical Lingerie Website Video

You love may like Jason playing Joseph but I bet she doen't want his Coat!
You love may like Jason playing Joseph but I bet she doen't want his Coat!

To Summarise

If this is your first time selecting a gift for your new conquest then play safe! Taste and fashion are everything.

Clothing is OK but if you aren't sure, stick with safe colours such as navy, black, grey or beige.

Don’t go for anything that remotely resembles Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours. Just because she liked Jason Donovan in the stage show in London it doesn't mean the love of your life will want to wear his coat!

With lingerie make sure it isn’t too daring by conducting the Mother in Law test.

Simple clothes like a cardigan are a fairly safe bet as are jewellery or accessories.

Other possible sources of inspiration are internet gift sites for girls but beware many of these are stuffed full of tasteless tat that is targeted at guys like you rather than at real women.

Finally, do use the Internet for your search and selection. The web is so much easier and less embarrassing than trekking around the shops and malls and visiting girly clothing and underwear shops!


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