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African American Love A Good Woman Perspective

Updated on February 4, 2016

Indulge me-a poem from a different perspective

So no love for the African American woman is the ruling

That is unless it’s the middle of the night and you’re drooling

Over women that are bent, broken, child support queens and broke

It would almost be a funny thing to watch

If the consequences were not carried on the burden of the children

Created from those broken seeking sexual healing

You see

Momma never raised me to walk out the house like a prostitute

She said being a classy woman doesn’t include presenting yourself like you are selling cheek

So I kept the faith even though promiscuity became sheek

Tried not to carouse and stay out all hours of the night

I went to school, earned my degree(s)

Not to outshine you but to live on a certain level and prepare myself to be an asset to our union

With the goal of not leasing Mercedes but gaining deed(s)

Kept the faith, tried to be a good person

Even volunteered sometimes to fulfill purpose

Always stopping to interview women with long strong marriages so I could prepare to keep a future happy house

While education, property and possessions might be nice I long for your unity to be part of my life

So In The Meantime

So I traveled and used my passport, girls trip galore

Read Black Woman Redefined by Sophia Nelson, Inspired myself watching Iyanla Vanzant so I could do the work

Felt inspired by TD Jakes to overcome obstacles, listened to Eric Thomas, and found peace with Deepak Chopra being connected to the world

Tried not to have everyone in my bed keeping respectful to myself and you in advance

I sought to be a wife in training, someone you could come home to, inside, away from the rain

Inside my soul I sought to treat you like a king

The man that I would love and commit myself to and give my heart everything

He’d know his history, his purpose, and have a dream and his dream would become my dream too

Someone’s guidance that would enrich my life

For he would plan ahead and guide our destiny into happiness and success, dyno-mite

Like J J Right?

But like Anita sang in her song

You never came to save me

You let me stand alone

Then the criticisms came left and right

You know how’ll yall act –finger popping, yelling, and snapping making scenes all night

To you I strangely watch the lips of a man foreign to me for the entire time we’ve interacted I’ve been good company

When you’ve had a hard day I’ve been here to listen and maybe on occasion I cooked or picked up food for you

Treated you with respect, never mean selfish or rude

The silent response –you’re cool not worthy to pursue

Do You Really Want Happiness?

So sometimes you find out people speak of seeking happiness, joy, and partnership in their life

When you really meant you want dysfunction, arguing, and a constant fight

You wanted the type of girl that looks great on your arm

Even though she would plan, plot, and delight in your demise while stealing your wealth, causing harm

That’s what you are looking for?

See I was mistaken

Thought you were into healthiness,

Thought you were looking for love like Ruby Dee and Ossie


Barack and Michelle


Blair Underwood and Desiree

But turns out what you were seeking were the cold and unloved

Butt Injection Loud Talking Disrespectful Bossy Overbearing Stereotypes

Not a woman that loves you the old school way

You know even when she’s mad at you and still asks you if you are hungry and fixes you a plate

A woman that wants to rub your shoulders when you’ve had a hard day

The type of woman you should do everything for because she loves your essence your soul

She’s not out running after men, digging for gold

You aren’t looking for a friend, real love, in a potential spouse

You’re looking for someone to harm you, act ignorant, boss you, and cuss you out

I watched

I watched


Your decisions and actions so carefully

Watching you chase flash, cars, and clothes

Disappointed because your mindset would never help potential family wealth grow

I watched

I watched


For you to reveal the man that you are speaking to me about the things that drive your heart

But absent from your conversation or your life was the pursuit to be led by the creator respectful of the sacrifices of our ancestors

But you were busy talking one way but living another

I watched

I watched


Waiting for you to grow up

Watching from a distance waiting for you to transform yourself into a man that could lead my household and my family

A hero, My hero not only for yourself but for your future family

But so many of you are dead men walking

Never seeking the beauty of a woman’s heart


Dwayne Buckingham - Why Good Men Remain Single

A lifetime of love Ossie and Ruby Dee Last Wishes

The Truth

It was once said that no nation can rise higher than it's women.

Reflective question: What is it that you value in a partner that is not journeyed,equally yokes, with a person vested in your joy, vision, and the desire to work as a unit committed to family?

You are loved and capable of great things, amazing men when mentally unchained with negative programming

So the question is asked-why do good African American women remain alone

Loving hearts, quality women, have no choice but to live their best life complete but alone


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