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50th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on July 2, 2010


After fifty years she still watches him

I can see her watching him

And in her eyes, that have gazed

Upon him for fifty years

Is the look of a young girl,

Isn’t he wonderful?

She asks me with her eyes.

And mine answer, “Yes!”

After fifty years he still watches her

I can see him watching her

And in his eyes, that have cherished

Her for fifty years

Is the look of a young man,

Isn’t she glorious?

He asks me with his eyes.

And mine answer, “Yes!”

After fifty years she still smiles at him

I can see her smiling at him

And in her smile that has beamed

Upon him for fifty years

Is the playfulness of a young girl

Isn’t he funny?

She asks me with her smile.

And mine answers, “Yes!”

After fifty years, he still smiles at her

I can see him smiling at her.

And in his smile that has shone

Upon her for fifty years

Is the kiss of a young man.

Isn’t she beautiful?

He asks me with his smile.

And mine answers, “Yes!”

I have watched them with my eyes

And I have witnessed magic.

With all the grace of who they are

They have touched me,

With their eyes, with their smiles

They have drawn me in and embraced me

With arms that have held each other for fifty years.

I have witnessed the magic circle they have created

And expanded as they reach out.

Do they not touch others, as they have touched me?

My eyes fill

My lips smile

And my heart answers, “Yes!”

Theirs is a love not measured by years spent.

I have seen you watching them and I ask you,

Do they not have a rare grace and generosity of spirit?

Are they not unbound by the limits of time and space?

Your eyes fill

Your lips smile

And your heart answers, “Yes!”

Jenafor Tanner

I wrote this for a pair of wonderful friends - treasures in my life - who were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary while she was in hospice care dying of cancer. She passed away not long after I wrote this poem but he shared it with her and their children on their anniversary and through her pain and drug induced haze - SHE SMILED AT HIM! There is not a doubt in my mind that she is still watching him.


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      beautiful beautiful love write thanks

    • raisingme profile image

      raisingme 7 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      Thank you! It was a rare relationship - two amazing people and I was blessed to know them.

    • susanlang profile image

      susanlang 6 years ago

      Hello Raising. My husband and I have been married over 25 years and every time I look at him I see the young sweet man who captured my heart many years ago.. It's not the outward shell of a person who defines them... it's the inner soul, the center of who they are. My husbands' sweet soul has remained steady and true..and this is why his outward looks have not changed for me through the years. Even knowing he has aged with time... time has only made our loving bond stronger! Keep writing...I love this hub!

    • raisingme profile image

      raisingme 6 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      It is too rare a thing that people see each other through their heart's eye. Congratulations on your 25 years and here is to at least 25 more. My parent's are now approaching their 65th!

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