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Alabama Wedding

Updated on October 18, 2010

Being Family

    Family is something we all take for granted. Everybody has them. Some times they get under our skins like tiny irritants that pester us and make us uncomfortable. Sometimes they surround us and comfort us at times when we need, and all of us need at some time or other. Most of the time family is the bridge of familiarity that we require as humans. Craving to be around people who know you and resemble you and know you heritage is the basic need of life. This familiarity came to light for me just barely two weeks ago at my niece and her husbands daughters wedding. Having many close relatives around me I began to notice strange things. I had never realized how much my youngest son was so much like my sisters youngest son. I sat in the back seat of a van that could have been driven by my son. They acted the same. Her oldest was my oldest son. Now these two have visited each other at my sisters house over the years but had not grown up together. My other sisters grand daughter was my sister made over. This sister was the one I rode to the wedding with. We traveled over six hundred miles one way and it was like we were kids again. There was five of us, my oldest sister has since passed away and we grew up in sort of pairs with my brother being in the middle of all of us. Although we had all went our ways in life for one weekend we were family again. The four days we spent together felt good. We were together not for a funeral but a celebration of a new strand of the family. The hosts my niece and her husband spared no expense and treated us like royalty. I will never forget those days and feel fortunate to have them in my memory bank so I can pull them up and experience them again. Get mad at your family for their shortcomings. Fail to speak with them or communicate with them by a simple card or letter. Become too involved with your own busy life and your own problems and you will suffer immensely. Call that family member that irritates you the most. Don't wait for them to call you in fear they will want something. Pray that God gives you the opportunity to come together like we did. The likelihood will be instead of a wedding invitation the call will be for a funeral. At that point you will still be family but the occasion is not the same. Be a family all the time and you will enjoy it.


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