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Stolen Childhood: How the Family Court Destroyed Our Family

Updated on November 12, 2010

Alison Moxley was a writer, an activist and most importantly, a mom. She had seen her share of adversity in life, but no matter how hard she was knocked down, she had always been able to pick herself back up again. The story centers on Alison's journey through love and loss, sadness mixed with joy. Share in the ups and downs, the accomplishments and failures.

Alison Moxley was in an exclusive relationship with a man she would later describe as her "best friend and greatest ally." Unfortunately, he turned out to be anything but. In 2005, she gave birth to a daughter who was the light of her life. During the pregnancy, she had slipped into a mild depression after the father of her child, who she considered her most loyal advocate, confidant and partner, left her to weather the pregnancy alone. The depression would later deepen after the birth of the baby.

The father of the child did eventually come around, and took a marginal role in raising the baby, who they had named Alexis. Still, with the lion's share of the childcare responsibilites falling on her shoulders, Alison would fall deeper into depression. Her family was miles away, and she was not receiving the emotional support from Alexis' father that she so desperately needed. He would later tell her that he suspected she was suffering from depression. (She was not aware of that fact at the time)

Despite some initial bumps in the road, the couple were able to get past their differences and raise their daughter together. She lived with her mother full time, but the father assisted when he could and helped with the finances as well. The couple had their problems and disagreements, but the one thing they shared was a mutual love for their daughter and a desire to see her happy.

After spending a happy first Christmas together with their baby in 2005, Alison made the decision to leave the relationship with the father of her child, yet continue to parent Alexis with him cooperatively. He did not take the news well. Less than a month after their joyful holiday celebration together as a family, the father of the child decided to make a strong statement. When Alison was late arriving with the baby for a visitation, the father called 911 and had three squad cars dispatched to the home that Alison shared with their daughter.

She would later recall the disappointment and emptiness she felt while she was handcuffed, detained, and nearly shot by the police that day. She will never forget the smug look of satisfaction on his face when he was able to humiliate her in front of her neighbors, family and their seven-month-old daughter, Alexis.

It would spell the beginning of one of the darkest chapters of her life, and end in a way that nobody would expect...

Read more in Alison Moxley's new book, "Stolen Childhood: How the Family Court Destroyed Our Family"

This true-to-life novel is due on shelves in January, 2011. Stay tuned for details.

Family Court Destroys Children


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