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Alone on Valentines Day-Good Thing or Not?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Alone on Valentines Day-Good Thing or Not?

Xmas and New Year madness is long forgotten isn't it and what I have noticed is Valentine goods went in the shops immediately after it was over. Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year and meant to be a day when our great love for each other can be expressed freely with gifts of flowers, chocolate and jewellery. If you have a lover, partner or someone that loves you it can be a great day but what if you are single and alone? It can be the worst reminder in the world that screams at you for a whole 24 hours "No one loves you" Does it matter that much?

Everyone has different views about it. Some people look forward to it but to be fair if you are in a loving relationship, no matter what type, then do you really need that one day to be told you are cared for? The answer should be a definite "NO". If you are in love then it should be like Valentine's Day every day or so my ex-husband would say when he came home empty handed. Hence that is part of the reason he is an ex.

I am alright now with being alone on February 14th. It used to upset me but then I realised I am happy to be single and that I do not need a man to complete me because I complete myself. Over the years I have had people to share the day with but other years have been alone and to be honest, although I am a lover of chocolate, I don't like flowers that much. It is just an excuse to get presents and I have never needed some of the rubbish I have received over the years. It seems they stick hearts on anything nowadays and it becomes a special gift for that special day.

I personally find that I am now in a position that if I want to go out for a nice meal then I can. If I want a new piece of jewellery I buy it. In fact I am happy to be alone on everyone else's special day. I can come home from work, enjoy a meal I cook for myself and settle down in my conservatory to a lovely quiet evening with a good book, latte and the gentle breeze of my Hunter ceiling fan. I even have a remote control so I can just relax.

However you spend Valentine's Day whether it is all loved up or just some quiet time by yourself don't let it define you. There is always another day to appreciate life and what it may bring.


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    • profile image

      tattuwurn 5 years ago

      Well, I can't be a hypocrite in saying that it's a good thing. I also feel bad sometimes because I miss having someone on a Valentine's Day. But having been single for 7 years, it means that I've embraced my solitude to the hilt. So V-Day is pretty much an ordinary day for me, the bitterness has long gone. :)

    • nikiclegg profile image

      Niki Clegg 5 years ago from Basingstoke Hampshire

      Yes agreed in an ideal world that is true but not everyone finds true love so consider yourself lucky you found the person that you will be spending the day with. It is a good thing we do all have differing opinions isnt it?

    • lovendar profile image

      Ellona 5 years ago from Chicago

      In my opinion, living alone in valentines day is very bad. You both must live together and enjoy all day. Watching a romantic movie and going to dinner are best and easy way hang out that day. I can't live alone on valentine's day even for an hour..