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Alpha Male Body Language

Updated on March 21, 2011

According to the Wikipedia:” In social animals, the alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank. Where one male and one female fulfill this role, they are referred to as the alpha pair (the term varies when several females fulfill this role – it is extremely rare among mammals for several males to fulfill this role with one female). Other animals in the same social group may exhibit deference or other symbolic signs of respect particular to their species towards the alpha.

The alpha animals are given preference to be the first to eat and the first to mate; among some species they are the only animals in the pack allowed to mate. Other animals in the community are usually killed or ousted if they violate this rule.

The term "alpha male" is sometimes applied to humans to refer to a man who is powerful through his courage and a competitive, goal-driven, "take charge" attitude. With their bold approach and confidence "alpha males" are often described as charismatic. While "alpha males" are often overachievers and recognized for their leadership qualities, their aggressive tactics and competitiveness can also lead to resentment by others.[1]”

Alpha-male is a phrase being used more and more now days in dating books. Everywhere we look, we seem to see something along the lines of: “become an alpha male, and get any chick on the planet.” Some people spend a pretty penny trying to figure out how to be an alpha male, and win the women.

Here I am going to give you some basic traits of an alpha male, as well as some ways to display that you can be an alpha male though body language.

eye contact


First, let’s start with eye contact. Don’t freak her out, but make eye contact, let her know you are confident. In making eye contact, you are not only showing her that you are alpha, but you are making a connection. Also, never EVER be the first person to break eye contact, this sends off a subconscious vibe that you are weak, and the person who held it the longest no has all the power.



Keep good posture: In keeping good posture, you are displaying confidence, health, and stamina. If you did not have good posture, that would display maybe someone who is a bit older, less confident, or un-healthy. How many times have you seen someone pick chicks up with poor posture? Probably not too many, so go ahead and work on that posture!

use space


Don’t be afraid to use space. To use the space around you states that you are an alpha male. You can start by putting the hat in the chair next to yours.

stand right


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, or more, just try not look like you are trying to do the splits. You get my drift.



An alpha male will stand in the middle of a room, and chat with others. So, go ahead, and stand in the middle of the room!

stay calm


Alpha males are cool, calm, and collective. They are happy, and confident. Confident is good, but never become cocky. An alpha male doesn’t lose his cool, and is capable of handling the most difficult of situations.



Don’t make jerky movements; don’t walk fast as if you are in a hurry. Pace yourself. If you think about someone you know making quick movements, as if they are in a hurry all of the time, it doesn’t seem like it’s an alpha male trait, does it?

be happy


Don’t complain! An alpha male doesn’t complain about every little detail in their life.

keep your head up


Don’t walk with your head down! Keep your head up!



Keep your hands out of your pockets!



Speak at your own pace, and use the right tone of voice. Don’t speak quick, screech, or use gibberish.


 Smile, make sure your eyes crinkle, and you show your pearly whites, so it looks genuine. A true flirt smiles naturally but please don’t do it all the time, or you will make them wonder

alpha male traits

These are some of the many traits, and body language cues alpha males display, written to help you get that lucky someone. Your odds will increase in the dating game by using the tactics listed.If that's what you want to do. Most women prefer alpha men.

Alpha males are psychologically strong,and confident, but not cocky.. Alpha men are intelligent, fun loving, and well mannered.Alpha males understand themselves well, and speak their mind with tact. Alpha males are compassionate, and understand human nature. An alpha male does not get ran over, but he can handle problems as they arise without getting physical, or using bad words.

An alpha male understands life. Alpha males are wise beyond their years. An alpha male knows how to be a gentlemen. Alpha men are rare, psychologically strong, tactful and compassionate.

Alpha males are cool, calm, collected, and in control of their environment at the same time. If you think about it, it can be a tough trick to pull off.

Alpha men have the  perfect balance of being introvert and extrovert. An alpha man knows when it's play time, and when it is down time. They are good at conversation with the ladies too. No wonder ladies seem to flock to this type of man?

Alpha men are non abusive towards the women in their lives. Alpha males are protective, and wise.

If you are an alpha male, be happy, you are one in a million.

Ladies, if you have an alpha male in your life, cherish him, you are lucky indeed.

Are you an alpha male?

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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Loving it. Alpha male=king cobra! Hiss and roar!

    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 7 years ago

      Thanks Alpha Springboard.

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Definitely a turf-driven, alpha male. Hear me roar! Interesting hub.