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She Prefered the Name Pegasus

Updated on April 15, 2013

She was born September 17th 1964, from the very beginning she was different, . Her birth was supposed to be kept a secret, and it was decided she would not be exposed to the public for at least four months. But that was not her style, and she could not be held back. The world came to know about her in less than one month after her delivery. At first glance it was easy to see she was not like any of her relatives. Black and beautiful, with a style all her own, there were things that separated her from others innately embedded in her soul. When I first saw her she was only eighteen years old. Her skin was coarse and showed signs of abuse, her posture slumped, looking defeated and tired from the neglect and poor treatment. But I saw in her, a fight and will to survive; I knew that I had to help her back on her feet. It was also painfully clear that after years of receiving that type of treatment, recovery would take time and patience. I had to go slow and easy to pull her up, and help her to once again enjoy life. And so, I brought her home, gave her shelter and offered her my love and compassion, the things she never received before. I would dedicate my time and energy to help her become all she could be, and make her feel wanted

I looked at her as she lay resting and created a set of goals for myself that I felt she would respond best too. While she slept, I slipped out and picked up some things I thought she would appreciate. When I returned home I went straight to work. I began with her heart and began disassembling it piece by piece, discarding the worn and damaged portions. The pistons were removed and discarded. The crank was machined and polished and bearings were hand fitted. The block was original, so I had it bored and honed. I installed the new valves, along with forty over butterfly pistons, and the 283 high performance cam. The cast iron intake was replaced with a new Eddlebrock high-rise aluminum one; ported and polished, it seated well against the newly machined heads. A larger oil pump with a new filter and pick up, replaced the original one, and would provide a smoother flow and better lubrication. I acquired a new Holly four-barrel 650cfm and custom fitted the jets to fit her. I also installed a new C4 Dual range Automatic transmission with a locking torque converter, new universal joints and drive shaft. A dual point distributor now sits where the original one resided. A fresh coat of high-temp black paint was given to it and aluminum Cobra valve covers covered the heads. A new chrome air cleaner with larger air filter covered her carburetor, with the 289 identification badge prominently placed.

Now I moved to the Body. Although it was never involved in an accident, it had been painted many times, and the excess makeup needed to be stripped and her skin made ready for rejuvenating. Lead was used to fill the few imperfections, and a thin coat of fiberglass epoxy feather-fill covered her. After sanding her with 400 grit; a coat of black paint was applied to bring out any remaining blemishes. Then she was re-sanded with 600. Now she was ready to receive her facial.

The doors, trunk, white metal, and hood were removed and painted separately, with 4 coats of lacquer. The body itself, I shot with the same number of coats. Then she was re assembled and the whole body wet sanded with 1000 grit. It was time for the final coats. Four new coats of paint were applied now, followed by 3 coats of clear. After being wet sanded again with 1000 grit paper, she was buffed with a polishing compound and polished with liquid ebony, to bring our her true sheen.

When the painting was completed, I installed new bumpers and lights. The original style GT stripes were installed, along with the factory-style pinstripes along the leading edges of the fenders and rear quarters. Reconditioned wire wheel covers and refurbished GT light bar finished off the outside.

The interior arrived just in time. With a white head liner, and red interior panels, the red nauga-hyde interior really brought out her beauty. New instrument bezels and glove box doors along with a re-chromed Factory Air conditioning faceplate, seat hinges and rear seat fold down chrome, went well with the new arm rest and window cranks. With the new window and door rubbers and re-polished bright work, she was ready to be presented again.

When I rested I looked at her with her new transformation, and her aura seemed to penetrate deep inside me and I would be forever entranced and unable to escape her spell.

When I first met her, it was sadly evident that life had treated her harshly, now had the ability to reach the soul of everyone she came into contact with. I spent hours with her, learning all I could giving her my time, and she taught me patience. I learned from her that virtue and passion only came from commitment and hard work. Nothing about her was easy; perhaps that’s what attracted me most to her. In time I came to understand her moods and actions; helping me to be a better companion and offer her the things she needed. But what she gave to me was more than I ever expected. She taught me value, integrity, pride and love; a love that would be forever instilled within me.

It was time for her first dance. On the way to the ball, we paused at a traffic light and waited for it to change. Then it happened, he slipped up from behind and pulled up next to us brandishing his silver bowtie. I tried to ignore him, this night was for her and I did not intend on allowing anyone to take that away from her. He revved up his engine and I could smell the nauseous odor of nitrous oxide and ethanol. Suddenly, her whole demeanor changed. Her breath became heavy and hard. Her heart began beating slower and it’s as if I plans became secondary to her wants. As I gripped the wheel I could feel the change come over her. Her tires clenching the blacktop and her eyes focused on the light in front of us.

The light changed; the engine of this suitor beside us roared as his tires began to lose traction. His car began sliding towards her rear quarter panel, and threatening to bruise her. But she was not going to ever allow that to happen again, and she exploded into action. My head was snapped back from the sudden release of power, it was all I could do to hold on as she took control. Her rage permeated through her body and traveled right through me. I could feel her heart take over and I was nothing but a passenger as she left him far behind us. It was then that she revealed that although it was the name of a black Stallion, she preferred the name Pegasus.

When she arrived, she stole the hearts of everyone, and seemed to steal the show. Beautiful to behold, she receives high praise and accolades from admirers. A joy to own and drive, I get great satisfaction in feeling her heart beat as we traverse the roads together. Occasionally she has to sow some of her wild oats, but never excessively and I must say, in any situation, she always remains a lady.©


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Title :: And She Said Her Name Was Pegasus

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    • gulnazahmad profile image

      gulnazahmad 7 years ago from Pakistan

      You have written it in a very different manner so the reader get suspense what it is all about. Great hub. Keep writing!!!!!

    • must65gt profile image

      must65gt 7 years ago

      thanks for reading Hello, it was a fun twist and I think how many men feel about their special's my 4th of 7, three of which I still own....they are great cars but a lot of

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A wonderful and unusual way of writing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you.

    • must65gt profile image

      must65gt 7 years ago

      thanks for reading Hmrjmr1, it's a sickness I hope I never recover from

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      yep the 65 1/5 GT is a real cool lady, you are one lucky dude to have her.