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Always try to impress you partner!!!

Updated on April 3, 2016

Some women like surprises but some don't you would have to find that one out,maybe ask your lady if she is allergic to flowers at least you will know if she is or not.

Do the romantic stuff that you haven't done for your women before and maybe she might return the favor back if your lucky.

The gifts don't have to be really expensive,but make sure, the effort is good enough where she will like it and think you have gone to all that trouble to do it.

Never tell your lady how much you spent on her as some people don't want to how much you spent.

Even just cooking her a meal yourself at home,don't go over the top with it to much.

Use flower petals and sprinkle over the floor and try, to make path with candles near them as most women will love that and also use the rest of the petals to put in the bath,or if you have have a bath put them on the bed,personally i would agree with guys doing that as us women would find that cute and sweet.

There are all sorts of different ways to impress your women,your imagination will have loads of ideas how to treat your lady.

(Some women are lucky to have guys that do all different types of romantic stuff and sometimes don't have to think very hard about ideas).

Don't always use the same romantic idea because she will get bored.

try and sweep her off her feet,some ladies love that idea in a guy.


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