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Am I Lonely Being Alone?

Updated on April 21, 2016

I am sharing with you my thoughts about loneliness and being alone maybe because I am in both situation. At 54 going to 55 years old come this June 12, I have been struggling with this situation and sharing my feelings about this would probably my way of coping up to the situation.

Loneliness is different from being alone. They are two different things. Loneliness is when you are longing for something or somebody to fill your time, schedule or to fill the void in your heart. It is when you miss somebody or have been separated with your loved ones or things you love to do. Separation can really be a big factor of being in the state of loneliness. Therefore, loneliness is a negative state of being away and longing to be with. While being alone is a positive state of mind. It is when you are contented and always delighted with yourself. It is when you are happy being alone.

How can we be happy being alone? I think we cannot find ourselves happy and contented alone immediately. We have to go through the pain of missing somebody, separated and long to be with. It is innate in us to belong with somebody we love or to things that complete our being and if we are separated from this, we are devastated and lonely. Loneliness can lead to depression. We have to come out from this situation and be reconciled with ourselves. We cannot do it alone we need our friends and sometimes a professional help to come out triumphantly. It is when we realized our happiness does not depend on another person or things that our journey towards happiness with ourselves starts. However, this is easily said than done.

In my case, single and going to be five years and half a century old, I've been always with my family, love the work I do and have lived knowing somebody loves me no matter what happens. I chose to be single because I have loved so much. I have dedicated my life giving good memories to others but somehow I failed. Suddenly, my work was displaced and realized nobody loved me that much. Everybody is busy with their own concerns and I just woke up alone, sick and lonely.

What happened? Maybe I am really alone from the start I chose to be single but have not lived as such. I continuously inserted myself with the families of my brothers and tried to be of help to them. Had I lived alone, maybe by now I have found myself happy and contented with myself.

As the saying goes "It's never too late". I will start by looking for a place of my own. It will be hard. I am too afraid of being alone yet it will be a start towards a deeper relationship with myself and eventually a happier me. When time comes when I am already at peace with myself, I can be able to love without expectations and can be a real witness of God's love.

Then, I can say I am not lonely being alone.

Pray for me.


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    • matetperdigon profile image

      matetperdigon 23 months ago

      Thanks for taking time to read my hub. For sure I will read your hubs.

      God bless.

    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 23 months ago from Mid West

      We have much in should read some of my hubs.