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Am I The Only Gay Who Didn’t Mind The Burning Of The Rainbow Flag?

Updated on April 22, 2010


According to The Advocate magazine, a burned rainbow flag was left outside the LGBT Community Center in New York. While many have weighed in and they do have video footage of the perpetrator, no arrests have been made yet. They are calling it a hate crime and I guess that’s a good thing, or is it? The flag apparently didn’t belong to the Center which means that whoever did it really had to think about it. They either had to steal or buy a rainbow flag, burn it and then drop it off at the Center. Lots of planning for what ultimately to this gay means nothing because you see I’m an American and I believe in the whole flag burning thing being our right as a way of showing our freedom (and burning I guess). So while some may be upset to know that I’m not upset I have to wonder, “Am I the only gay who didn’t mind the burning of the rainbow flag?” – Don’t Get Me Started!

Let’s forget the whole freedom of expression thing for a moment and let’s discuss why I really didn’t mind the rainbow flag being burned. I hate the whole rainbow thing representing the LGBT community. With all of the wonderfully talented artists in our community you would think we would have something or better taste at least to not have the damn rainbow as our symbol. I get it, “like many colors of the rainbows, so are the days of our lives” (you get where I’m headed here) but a rainbow, really? Isn’t that something that is usually reserved for unicorn stickers that grade school children put in sticker books and Mork’s suspenders?!? I wish that were the case, believe me! I’m more than a little embarrassed for us gays that we haven’t done anything about this whole rainbow deal long ago.

I get that to some, burning the rainbow is like burning the cross but at some point don’t we all have to recognize that the old symbols of hate that have survived for years are just, well, cliché? I mean, if I see one more swastika that I’m supposed to be afraid of or feel something for I’ll puke. Sure I’m a Jew and I think the Holocaust is a tragedy too difficult to even fully imagine (much less why so many stood by and did nothing or choose now to say that it never happened) but it’s a symbol and it only has as much power as you give it. Sure you can argue that that someone that would wear a swastika arm band is trying to intimidate or show hate but to me it’s just bad taste and just looks like the arm bands Michael Jackson and Color Me Badd from the early nineties used to wear. Seriously, we all worry too much about symbols and not enough about actions.

So take the action of burning a rainbow flag, is that a hate crime? Is the crime against the LGBT Center, LGBT people or against the flag itself? (If it’s against the flag itself I’d have bought the kerosene if they’d asked.) Once again, no property of the Center was destroyed so to me it’s a tactic to intimidate and if we show we are intimidated by this act do we not let the terrorists win?  

Sure I say we catch this person and charge them with defacing property but hate crime? If someone does bodily harm to someone and it can add additional penalty I say go for it but a flag not a fag? I say, no. No hate crime here, just another stupid person trying to intimidate and I’m done with all that shit or shall I say I’ve evolved? I was bullied all through school and I’m in my forties so if you think anyone is going to intimidate me by burning a flag, wearing a swastika or telling me that I’m going to burn in hell because of my sexuality you’re mistaken. It’s not going to intimidate me as much as it’s going to annoy me and make me think you’re a moron. Let’s stop the cycle of being afraid of symbols. I’m not thinking the whole world will all sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya (certainly not, I mean someone has to sit outside the circle and criticize what the people in the circle are wearing and their lack of deodorant, yes?) But at some point we have to get smarter as humans and our interactions with one another don’t we? So let’s get smart about not hating one another and also let’s get rid of that damn rainbow. Who’s with me? Am I the only gay who didn’t mind the burning of the rainbow flag? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Words by Mike 7 years ago

      I really enjoyed your take on this issues. No, you are not the only one that holds that opinion. I find myself conflicted as I do not follow the stereotypical attitude of the GLBT community. The center was safe, no physical assault, where is the hate crime?

      I'm with ya here, very insightful.