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Amazing Tips to impress a girl in first time

Updated on March 17, 2016

Simple Tricks to impress a girl

We all want to impress a girl in our life as we are teen or we are mature. Love is a great feeling that we all want to feel in our life. There are some amazing tips or tricks that will help you to impress a girl and to start your love story.

1.Make your looks according to her

Everybody knows that our look is most important factor to impress a person. You should carry the look according to the interest of the girl.Example: If she is bold type girl then you should carry the stylist and bold look to impress her and if she is simple girl then you should put up a simple and professional look like having shirts and courts.

2.Daily communication

Here is the fact that our brain would store the permanent image of a person if he is connected to our daily communications. For this purpose, you can share the contact numbers or now a days the best daily and impressive mode of communication is social media. Facebook ,twitter or whatsup can make you stay connected with your love ones.

3.Gifts and presents

It is the universal truth that girls can be easily impressed through gifts and presents. Hence you can give her chocolates, gifts, cards, teddy bears. These all gifts would always remind her the memories associated to you

4. Give compliments or praise her

Everybody knows that everyone likes positive compliments on her so you can give the compliments on her appearance and her talent.For example , you can praise her hair style , beauty and her cute thoughts.

5.Give her Emotional support

Every girl in this earth is a emotional creature and if you are successful in becoming her emotional supporting system then you are in just located inside the heart of that girl.

Girls are a cute subject to impress and if you will follow these steps then you will definitely become the prince of that girl.

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