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Amazon Wedding Registry - Why Most Soon-To-Be Brides Are Choosing Amazon

Updated on October 20, 2014
Start your Amazon Wedding Registry today.
Start your Amazon Wedding Registry today.

Reasons to Register at Amazon

1. Fast (and FREE)

2. Time Saver

3. Register at thousands of locations

4. Universal button

5. Add items from any computer, iphone, or tablet

How Do You Currently Plan on Registering?

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Wedding Planning

Back in 2006 when my wife and I were planning our wedding, we realized we needed stuff for our new life together.

At the time, we were poor college students, still living at home, and had nothing to our names.

We needed items like bath towels, dishes, pots and pans, a microwave, a couch, computer, and many other things.

Back in 2006, Amazon was big but it wasn't "that" big. Sure, they sold items online but didn't have a way for us to register products for our wedding.

We physically had to go to stores and spend our entire saturday scanning items to our registry. If we wanted an item that was only sold at Target but we found ourselves at BBB, we'd either have head back to Target later that day or wait until the following weekend.

Traveling to and from different stores just to get your wedding registry together is a time consuming process.

Thankfully, Amazon is here to help!

Wedding Registries 2.0

As of September 18, 2014, Amazon is now the World's second highest valued online retailer (Alibaba coming in at #1).

However, Amazon still rocks!

With a net worth of about 30 billion dollars, Aamzon has just begun taking over the wedding registry game; wedding registries just got a face-lift and Amazon is there raking in the dough.

Now with Amazon Wedding Registry you can have one of the best online selections of products. You can register products that don't exist on With their universal button, you can add any products you want (from any website). Also, after your event completion, you'll receive an additional 10% off any items!

Register in Less Than 2 Minutes!

Everyone hates lines.
Everyone hates lines.

Amazon Offers Special Benefits to New Parents

The great thing about Amazon is that they offer many different options for your and your new spouse.

You can register and create your own baby registries quickly and easily to avoid the "new parent shopping hassles" that you'll find at every baby store on Saturday morning.

With just one click of the mouse you can get those much needed items for your new child without standing in line, rescheduling, or driving around all day long!

Benefits of Using Amazon

1) 10% completion discount
2) 15% completion discount for Amazon Mom members
3) FREE 90-day returns on Baby Store purchases
4) It's universal - add items to an Amazon Baby Registry from any site

Sign up today and start planning for your family's future.


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