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Filipina Women Abused buy American men for Their Viagra Driven Needs.

Updated on August 21, 2017

Exploiting Foreign Women

In this article I will be discussing the deplorable conditions some women/ foreign brides find when they come to America and marry it's dubious men. Let me be clear, there are many fine decent American men that bring foreign women here and have great marriages and families. Sadly, this article is not about those terrific men, It's about the dysfunctional dregs of our society that seek out and bring these women here with the sole intention of abusing and exploiting them.

Mail Order Brides


The Reason Why Men Seek Out Females From The Philippines

Here are some of the reasons why men seek out females from the Philippines and other third world countries. Quite often the men are older and divorced or both but wish to get remarried and start a new family. The obvious problem here is that in our culture it's very difficult for a man in his 50s or 60s to find a woman in her 20s early 30s that would date and eventually marry a man of that age. This stigma does not apply in places like the Philippines for various social and economic reasons.

Many of these men are social misfits or have disgusting addictions that would not be tolerated by women here, for other men the challenge could simply be you're too ugly, fat, short, bald, poor, nerdy, have disabilities, not very intelligent and a whole host of other reasons why they are rejected. I don't claim any of these attributes by themselves should preclude a good man from searching for and finding love nobody deserves loneliness just because he or she is not perfect. Unfortunately in our Madison Avenue celebrity air brushed warped perception of beauty drives what is socially expectable for mates in the USA.

To borrow a quote from one of my previous articles "Many western men still hold onto a very strange perceptions about women from the East. There's still the old stereotype that these poor women will wait on you hand and foot speaking only when spoken too and would be happy to live out their lives keeping your bed warm 24 hours a day" In fact, you will find that most online sites that specialize in Asian brides go to great lengths perpetuate these stereotypes.

Don't Be Quiet About Domestic Violence.

The American Men Marriage Loser List.

This list should paint a very clear picture of what some girls from Third World countries are exposed to and why men of questionable character seek out and are attracted to these vulnerable women.

It's not hard to understand why girls from third world countries fall victim to these men. The obvious explanation is because of the wretched poverty and bleak future they most likely have in their native homelands. They bravely and naively set out in a desperate gamble to escape their homelands in hopes for a better life. Most know very little about the men that are attempting to bring them here and It would be very hard to gage a man's moral character and temperament from one short visit, phone calls, writing or face time on the computer.

To be sure, It would be almost impossible for any of these real men in the list below to marry and keep a woman here in the USA. The vast majority of western women would not tolerate the conditions and abuses that these women are subjected to.

  1. The professional - my wife came across this young girl ten years ago and befriended her, she had been brought here by a pharmacist who had filled her head full promises of the good life but what she got was a nightmare. She was confined to her home 24 hours a day he would only let her outside to mow the lawn and wash his car under supervision. There were strict times to perform sexual acts some without her consent. When she protested he would beat and have his way with her. We tried our best to help the girl we set up an appointment for her at a woman's counseling and rescue shelter. We eventually lost contact with her and sadly don't know whatever happened to her.
  2. The senior sugar daddy - I know many 50 to 70 year-old men who have married 20-25-year-old girls just to have a young trophy wife. These men do not want more children or can't many want prenups to protect their money and property often because they plan on leaving these things to their adult children from their first marriages this leaves their new wives to fend for themselves in the event the husband dies or the marriage ends. The girls usually go along with these prenups because they will do just about anything to escape the crushing poverty of their homelands many of these girls have no intention of staying long term with these men from their perspective it doesn't make much sense to waist 10 or 20 years of their prime childbearing years being a nursemaid for these men in their twilight years with little or nothing that is going to be left to them. Eventually, when they finally meet a young man here they jump ship and believe me young Filipino women are in very high demand here and most young men won't care about the past circumstances of getting here.
  3. The slave master pig farmer - American farmers love Filipino girls especially ones that come from rural areas in the Philippines they are a dream come true. It's been well known farmers in general have found it difficult to find workers in this country. Many old farmers have found the perfect solution they divorce their old wives and bring a Filipino girl here. This kills two birds with one stone, they now have a young wife to satisfy their Viagra driven needs and free farm labor. We personally know a filipino girl that lives in an old dilapidated soot filled farmhouse she is required to plant, tend, and harvest garden crops, split fire wood and tend stove all day and night as needed. She has to care for her children, cook, bake from scratch, feed the chickens, pigs she has to help slaughter and process animals when required, help her husband in the barn fixing equipment when she has a spare moment the poor girl looks and smells like manure 24 hours a day.
  4. The cheapskate cheater - This man is a big auto executive he travels the world and has many mistresses abroad. His home base is in Michigan where his Filipino wife resides he keeps her in a dilapidated home he owns in a slum neighborhood in Flint, Michigan. She has no driver's license or car so she has to walk to the nearest grocery store that is many blocks away walking through dangerous neighborhoods to get what she needs. She receives only $30 allowance per week for her personal needs she says can only afford to eat is Ramen Noodles or rice.
  5. The college tuition scam artist - One of the first things this man talked his new wife into was to take out a college loan at a high interest rate at one of the non accredited scam tech college's. What happened to the money you might ask? Well, the deadbeat husband ended up taking it and blowing mostly on himself paying off old overdue child support payments from one of his previous marriages. They have recently spit are are now in the middle of a divorce leaving her with these large loans to deal with. I doubt she will ever be able to pay them off because she still has no education.
  6. The mamas boy - This 50 year truck driver has lived with mom all of his life and because he helps pays her bills he cannot afford to buy a home for himself and his wife. The girl is miserable living in the house with her mother in law who is very mean and controlling. The poor girl has to stay in her bedroom with her door locked almost 24 hours a day to keep her sanity. The husband does not allowed her to get drivers license or work and does not like her to have friends. I heard this relationship won't last very much longer she is preparing to leave him.
  7. Trapped with a paranoid survivalist out in the middle of nowhere - This guy didn't have the income to qualify to bring the girl here by himself because he lives off of social security disability, hunting, fishing and growing some small amount of crops so he used his mother to financially sponsor her on Visa paperwork. They live high on the mountain top in a cobbled together home that looks like a two-story grain silo. He says he built it that way so he can easily see if he's being attacked by any direction. The truck he drives is an old dilapidated 1967 powder blue Chevy pick up truck with a large rusty crack in the frame. On the pickup doors he painted a simplistic pastoral scene of sheep grazing in grass with the words ( sheep thrills ) you may draw your own conclusions. This guy never told the girl what she was really in for when he describe his home and lifestyle. She's practically in the middle of nowhere totally dependent on this man and his 1860s lifestyle.
  8. The drunk family man - The poor girl never knew the extent of this man's drinking problem until she came to the States and married him. This guy has put his family through hell with his verbal and physical abuse. He has been caught multiple times driving and drinking by the police. He now spends all of their extra money on his lawyers, fines and educational classes ordered by the courts
  9. The recluse gamer - This guy never goes anywhere but to work and home. He does not participate in family activities such as school functions, movies, outdoor actives, social parties. His wife reports the only thing he likes to do after he gets home from work is shut the door to his man cave and play computer games all night long until bedtime.
  10. She gambled and lost on him - Poor Deb, this good friend of ours who thought she married a fine and decent man. In the beginning of the marriage everything seem relatively fine they were living a normal family life. Fifteen years into the marriage the husband decided to retire after working 30 years at an auto plant. Her husband decided to move away to a remote city in northern Michigan where he had grown up as a boy once there he hooked up with his old childhood friend who had a pension for gambling. Once settled in, his friend invited him to go to the nearby Indian casino and over the course of the next two years the husband managed to gamble away all of their life savings this included his pension,401K, bank savings accounts, children's college fund, and more. This resulted in a broken family and a divorce.

Our Hearts go out to All Domestic Violence Victims.

This article to be sure offers only a small peek into the deplorable bleak conditions girls from abroad may find themselves in. Our hearts goes out to all of them we only wish there was more we could do for them. US laws and screening for fiancée visa's and marriages to Third World women are limited in scope. It would be difficult to make screening more difficult without precluding a lot of good decent men that have found love abroad (which there are many) from bringing their loved ones home.


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