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An Anniversary Gift for Your Boyfriend – A Top Ten List

Updated on September 15, 2017
An Anniversary Gift for your Boyfriend - The Ultimate Top 10 List
An Anniversary Gift for your Boyfriend - The Ultimate Top 10 List

As you are trying to decide on the best anniversary gift for your boyfriend it may seem that there are more questions than answers. You want to make a statement with your gift, but you don’t want it to be over the top. You want the anniversary gift that you give your boyfriend to represent you, but also have some special meaning for you both. Your concerns are understandable, but you should always think about your boyfriend’s anniversary gift from a guy's perspective. Although you are stressing, it really isn't too tough.

The first thing you need to understand is that if your guy is like most, he will be fairly practical in what he would want as a gift. Yes this is your anniversary, but it doesn’t have to be the most meaningful, romantic gift ever given. I you show your boyfriend that you are thinking of him, it will have an impact, and if your anniversary gift reflects the likes and interests of your boyfriend, he will truly appreciate the sentiment. If for example, he is an outdoorsman, he would really appreciate that piece of camping gear he has been eyeing. If he loves sports, perhaps some NFL tickets for you and him. The point is that an anniversary gift for your boyfriend should be practical, and thoughtful.

That said, here are some other great ideas for an anniversary gifts for boyfriends:

A pocket knife – He will keep it for years, and will remember you each time he uses it. Women have heirloom china, men have pocket knives. If you are looking for a gift with staying power, this is it.

Concert tickets – If you pick the right show, this anniversary gift will provide a lifetime of memories. We never forget a truly great concert.

A gift certificate to a beer tasting – He can take his buddies, and they will all know that he has the coolest girlfriend ever. This is a great anniversary gift for your boyfriend, but it will make you a favorite among his friends as well.

A round of golf (with a couple of friends) – Set up a tee time at a course he has always wanted to play. Your boyfriend will love it, and like the beer tasting, you will look like a star to all involved.

An outdoor excursion – Buy him a whitewater rafting trip or set him up to go fly fishing. You don’t have to go, but he will be thinking about how cool you are the whole time he is there.

Sports memorabilia – Men love to show off cool sports items. Find an autograph of his favorite player, or a miniature of the home stadium of his favorite team. He will love it and want to show it off, and he will keep it forever.

A personalized flask – If your boyfriend enjoys an occasional adult beverage, he will love a nice flask with his initials. He will have the opportunity to flash it in front of his buddies, and brag about what a great anniversary present you gave him.

A personalized humidor – If your boyfriend is a cigar smoker (especially if only an occasional cigar smoker) he will be thrilled with a personalized humidor. Have his initials added, and it will become a permanent fixture from now on. As an anniversary present, this will be very well received. If you are savvy enough to find a couple of Cuban cigars to add as a kicker, you will go from girlfriend to goddess.

A nice pen – Much like a pocket knife, your boyfriend will carry a nice pen with him for forever. You will have created a reminder of your anniversary that will become a part of his life.

A day at the racetrack – More and more racetracks are offering fantasy days that allow regular folks to drive a race car. If you are looking for that ultimate anniversary gift for your boyfriend this is it. He will be talking about this gift before, during and after it is over. You will give him a memory he will never forget and you will always be attached to that memory.

In the end, these ideas may be a departure from what you were thinking, but they will make a huge impact on him. In terms on an anniversary gift for your boyfriend, these ideas, will mean a lot to him, and will remind him how lucky he is to have someone who really understands who he is and what he likes. He will, rightfully so, believe that you are one of the few girls out there that “get” guys. Take it from me; these unconventional anniversary gifts for your boyfriend will be a hit.


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    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      No doubt the right show will make a life-long memory.

    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

      I think the best choice would be the concert ticket.