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An Open Letter to my Deployed Boyfriend

Updated on December 29, 2015

Letter to my Deployed Boyfriend

An Open Letter to My Boyfriend that is Deployed

While you are fighting for our country, doing training entailing sleeping on the ground for a week, missing important people in your life: friends, family (your daughter), showing patriotism, despite admiring your will for protecting our country, I admire your ability to make me feel safe from afar. Also, without opportunity to go on dates, allowing for putting aside the materialistic aspect, is through conversation appreciating your ability to pick up on my favorite things and send meaningful gifts; my favorite one being the national geographic book.

Being infinitive, having nothing to do with doubting my love for you, despite our unbreakable companionship, it is hard to write this as your lady because I love a number of things about you as an individual. Ironically, we both decided that individual growth is one of the key elements to a strong relationship. Why? Elimination of physically being together can allow for realizing the importance of healthy communication in a relationship, contribute to helping each other become better versions of ourselves, and lead to the decision of person growth making us stronger as a whole. Despite distance, I admire that we can find things to be grateful for which contribute to the feeling of us being one.

Speaking of you contributing to my personal growth, plausibly coming from fundamentals of the army, I appreciate the elements shaping your personality that help me stay on track with my school work, our sleepovers on skype allowing for you to be personal alarm clock, etc. Most importantly, compared to the ability of a number people with the ability to sit next to me, from thousands of miles away, you make my dreams come alive. If it was not for you on skype right now, encouraging my dream of being a writer, helping me with all of the technological aspects of posting (since I am technologically inclined), my dream would still be a dream. As a whole, we are one. As a whole, you are my dream.


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