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Bachelorette party ideas

Updated on October 1, 2012

A more tame way to have fun before the ball and chain

The whole idea of strippers or pole dancing or other scandalous activities for a bachelorette party just seems unappealing to me.

I've always been a little more modest (or cheap?) that way, so there are a few other things I'd rather do before the big day.

1. Psychic

Wouldn't it be interesting to see what they'd have to say? I'm not saying I'd believe it, but it would sort of top things off for me.

2. Sleepover

Just have the girls over one more time as bachelorettes (well, at least while you're one). Then you can play the games like "I Never" and "Best Kiss Worst Kiss" and stuff. And pig out.

3. Lingerie party... without guys!

Practice being cute before getting married. Maybe married guests would have lots of good advice. Or you can just enjoy getting dressed up like in high school :) And then take pictures and make boys jealous. Post them up around town, lol.

4. Combine with people you don't know who are getting married as well!

Get to know people who are also tying the knot and have fun getting to know them as well! I don't know.

5. Include the family

Invite all the female people in your family, even little cousins, sort of like a bridal shower. Eat and play games altogether.

6. Scrapbook!

What better way to dig up the memories than scrapbooking?

7. Go take a trip

Go rafting or hiking or take a road trip! Maybe not too far, considering you're all girls, but still.

Ideas for places to go: Casino, wine tasting, dancing, karaoke, a club, a big city, spa, amusement park...

8. Scavenger hunt

End up at all the places listed above! And include items reminiscent of the relationships you have with the guests at your bachelorette party!


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    • profile image

      sly 5 years ago

      Great !! In french Bachelorette Party is told "Enterrement de vie de jeunes filles" (young girl burrial) :)

    • profile image

      Bachelorette Planners 8 years ago

      nice hub great ideas i would like to go hiking too

    • abbey01 profile image

      abbey01 9 years ago

      Nice Article ! Thanks for sharing these points :) ...Now I got some good idea's to take away with me.I have written an article on "birthday parties" you may be interested in reading. Let me know what you think?