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And So It Begins Where it May End

Updated on April 23, 2016

The power of Cliche

In 2009 I was a train wreck - an absolute mess. I had been on a six-month break from college when I decided I would attend a small community college. I felt like I was in a very poor high school and so I decided to apply to one of the most expensive private colleges in VT - Norwich. I went to Norwich under the impression that I would focus on school because I endured a terrible heartache from a five-year relationship with my high school sweetheart, who I believed had cheated on me. After having a couple of guys who I only talked with, but never actually dated or had sex with, I was abruptly thrown off by this short, blonde hair, blue-eyed male. Someone who I really was not even attracted to. However, he had something that reeled me in like a lost puppy - cliche.

I was in anatomy and physiology class, just like always and Travis Hardy (a classmate) had been trying to get into my pants the entire fall semester. Let me tell you, he was the most annoying and forward male I had met in a long time. After weeks of trying to get me to talk with him (even with him sitting right next to me), something I could have never planned for happened. A note from some random guy had hit my desk and fell on the floor. Inside it said "Hi :)" and that is it. He did not approach me he did not say anything, he just left it at that. The class was Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The next class he did it again and this time, he said how cute I was. Well needless to say this is how we started. A little piece of paper, crumbled up just the right way - how on earth could I have been so naive? He was too good to be true and I should have known that from the start.

Selfish Male

The way this boy was, is so caring and slick...that should have been my first red flag. My second red flag should have been that he does a lot of drugs. My third red flag should have been that he had sex with his ex-girlfriend after we had already begun to see one another. It is not fair to think that now I am sitting here having to put myself and my two children in a situation where I have to choose to leave or stay. From the beginning, it has been all about him. Whatever he wants - he gets. He is a monster and I fell for him hard. Now I am left to pick up the pieces and decide if I am going to be the one who leaves or if I am going to be patient and let the truth come out.


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