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Anger and The Destruction it Causes

Updated on April 28, 2011

Anger and Destruction

When we don't know what our next day has in store for us all we can do is pray, hope, and try to believe it will continue to be a good day, a day of family and friends, laughter and smiles. However, there are many who do not receive this; sometimes never on any day. But they keep on wishing.

Many like to judge others, speak to them as if they are immature or worse stupid. There is no one in this world who deserves to be treated like they are stupid, it is not fair to them to be called that. Maybe they don't have every answer, or ask questions because they really don't have the answer. Why can't we just answer the question and drop it. Why must we make others feel less then anyone else. Don't say " you don't" Because we all have.

When is it going to change, when do we care enough about the ones we hurt, by judging, talking down to them, unforgiving, or just forgetting they are alive out of anger. Anger, a great statement about anger

Not the fastest horse can catch a word spoken in anger. ~Chinese Proverb

How true are the words in the quote above. Anger is a disease that grows like a disease that is chronic, you think badly of others, and you treat them like they should not breath the air you do. Why? What makes you any better? I bet you have done wrong, or tried to say something that was taken the wrong way. So get angry??? No, thats not the answer. Anger hurts = family, friends, lovers, mates, self confidence, happiness, mentality, and the need to be forgiven but the person that is angry would rather live angry and die angry, instead of just being nice, believing in the apology, and go from there. But instead anger once again. Should we ask ourselves why? Why are we always angry at one person? Why shall we die with that in our hearts? Anger and Heaven don't go together.

We have no right hurthing eachother, we don't, If you know someone is lonely, upset, and alone, then reach to them. Go to them, Visit them, or even better " FORGIVE THEM".


When I get angry, I hurt others too. But I don't like anger. I despise it. But its an emotion we all have, but have any of us thought " YES, WE HAVE THIS EMOTION, BUT I CHOSE TO NOT WANT THAT EMOTION, AND AS I FEEL IT COMING (as we all do) THEN IT IS TIME TO BACK UP AND REALLY THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK." 


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    • worldssweetest profile image

      worldssweetest 6 years ago from Indiana

      I completely agree with you. The famous words I always hear is " How was I to know, I cannot read your mind."

      With that your statement can't be any closer. With that if we don't communicate then we just keep shoving it further down until we blow and then the ugliness comes out. With apologies later due to all the ugly words that is said.

    • annie0087 profile image

      annie0087 6 years ago from I'm everywhere!!! (at different times :)

      Most of the time, the person you are angry at doesn't know you are angry. The rest probably don't care. -I don't know who said that, but I try to live by it.