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Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad - Poems and Anniversary Quotes for Parents

Updated on June 2, 2015
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A Software Developer, who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad - Video eCard

Celebrating the Reason of your Existence

It’s the time of the year, when you get to celebrate the reason of your being - your Parents’ Anniversary. Your parents obviously love you, and it’s time to tell them you love them too, all over again.

Your message in their card or ecard or gift can showcase your love, it can be full of gratitude for having the best parents in world, or it can be a little teasing. But you might be feeling at loss for the right words, the apt phrases to express your love. Have your pick from this assortment of poems and messages for this special occasion - and yeah, our warm wishes for your Parents’ Anniversary.

Note: These messages are meant to inspire you, you are most welcome to use them as is in your cards or as your gifts’ tag contents. But if you modify them to meet your specific requirements, it will give them your special personal touch, and that will mean a lot for your parents.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Poems and Messages to say Happy Anniversary to your parents.
Poems and Messages to say Happy Anniversary to your parents. | Source

Expressing Gratitude

This is a good time to thank two of the most important contributors in your life.

To the Best Team of Man and Wife in my World

For all the love you’ve showered throughout my life,
For all the happiness you’ve sent my way,
For all sacrifices when we were tested by time’s knife,
For all the smiles even if days looked grey,
For being my li’l world’s best team of Man and Wife,
For creating this bond years ago this day…
Thank you so much Mom and Dad...
And a very very Happy Anniversary to You.

My Biggest Lottery

Dad winning Mom’s heart, actually, was my lucky victory,
It’s like being born to you was getting the biggest lottery,
I’m humbled that I was blessed with true love’s treasury,
And today I wish, you both have an Amazing Anniversary

Time to Celebrate your Blissful Union

It’s time to celebrate the day of your blissful union,
The day when preface of my life actually begun,
And since then you’ve both stood together as one,
Even if problems in life threatened to be a million,
You’ve preached by example, feel second to none,
When every time your patience eventually won,
Our confidence in your faith kept multiplying by billion,
Can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done...
But I do have good wishes weighing more than a ton,
Specially for your Anniversary; May you’ve a lot of fun!

My Biggest Lottery

Being born to was my biggest Lottery!!
Being born to was my biggest Lottery!! | Source

Expressing Deep Love and Affection for your Parents on their Anniversary

When it comes to parents, you might say you love them, everyday, and it will still not be enough to express the depth and intensity of your emotions. So, on this special day of the year, express yourself with these words full love.

Good Wishes for Many Lifetimes

When I think of both of you, it’s as if Love swells up my heart,
May you get immense joy today, May all your worries depart...
Not just for today, I’ve good wishes to last for many lifetimes,
May your happiness keeps echoing with melodious Rhymes…
Happy Anniversary, to my amazing Parents

You seemed Best Parents when I was a kid…

When I was a kid, I used to think,
I’ve got the best parents in the world...
Now that I’ve grown up, and met so many people,
Known so many kids and so many parents…
I’m more sure than ever, that I was so right…
I have got the best parents in world indeed!
I love you a lot,
And I will keep trying to be worthy of you.
Happy Anniversary.

When I was a Kid... I thought, you are the best...

And as a grown up, I've realised, I was so right!
And as a grown up, I've realised, I was so right! | Source

Teasing your Parents and Making them Smile on their Anniversary

Teasing for being romantic would be really sweet, it will make your parents blush and smile.

Evergreen Romance

When I look at your evergreen Romance,
My heart rejoices with a happy, sappy dance,
I know Dad dislikes disturbances today,
But how could I not send wishes your way?
So do forgive me for my nosy interruptions,
Considering that I had the best of intentions,
After all, this day is my existence’s reason,
I’d to ensure, you’ve a long romantic season,
Although, you don’t need my wishes for that,
Chances that your Romance fades, are fat,
I know Mom would be blushing by now,
And the teasing should be over anyhow,
So may you get lost in eyes of each other,
And have an absolutely great day together.
Happy Anniversary Dearest Mom and Dad.

Phone Call

You guys are a limit. We knew you would want privacy,
But at least pick up phone calls - avoiding good wishes isn’t
Good for Romance ;)

A Teasing Written Wish

Dear Mom and Dad,

We decided to give you a written wish for you Anniversary,
Since we didn’t want to disturb the lovebirds
by a Phone call or a visit.
Happy Marriage Anniversary

Happy Anniversary - From a Loving Daughter

May you be Love Clad…

As I think of all the wonderful memories you’ve given,
As I think of all your inspiration that’s kept me driven,
I realise I’m extremely lucky to be a beloved daughter,
Of a household where evenings rejoiced with laughter,
Where Parents never looked for excuses to be doting,
Where nothing pierced their love’s protective coating,
You sheltered me, motivated me to do beautiful things,
You turned my imagination into a free bird with wings,
I feel blessed to have you both in my life Mom & Dad,
I love you a lot, and wish today you both be love clad!

Happy Anniversary.

Friends by Choice

Being your daughter has always given me sense of pride,
I’ve had so many reasons to remain up on a happy glide,
And today I’ve yet another reason to deliriously rejoice,
That I’ve you as parents by chance but friends by choice,
This wonderful choice has been yours more than mine,
But my benefit was greater, you always made me shine,
I love you with all I am, and want the very best for you,
I wish your day to be awesome, with surprises in queue!
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary - From an Adoring Son

Not just because...

You’re my parents, and I love you,
It would seem pretty obvious to few,
I do love you deeply Mom and Dad,
Not just because I’m your own lad,
But also for priceless love you share,
Because of your bond of trust so rare,
Not just coz you’ve provided for me,
But also for being honesty’s epitome,
For setting all the bars high always,
For preaching by practice on all days,
You’re the best couple I’ve ever met,
My heart feels so proud when I say that,
Wish you a Grand Anniversary this year,
Not just because to me you are dear,
But because you deserve the very best,
Your problems deserve to forever rest!!

I’ll Keep Trying

I know I hurt you sometimes, I don’t mean to do that,
I want to let you know, that afterwards I feel very bad,
I know I’m not being a worthy son of wonderful parents,
But I’ll keep trying, you see that’s just one of my talents :)
Happy Anniversary Dear Mom and Dad.

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