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Annoying neighbors

Updated on February 9, 2012

can be very disturbing when you are trying to work/study

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex or neighborhood where your neighbors are continuously making some kind of noise that is very disturbing to you? What do you do in those situations, especially if you don't know the neighbors?

This morning (a Saturday) at my apartment complex, the neighbors started their music on full blast at 8:40AM (I know this because I looked at the time when they put the music on). I don't understand what the need is for people to be so inconsiderate to others. On a Saturday morning, when I'm either attempting to sleep in or study, they do this. Now mind you, I don't know my neighbors, and I don't like to be someone who always knocks at their door to tell them to turn their music down.

However, this has been going on since they moved in. I knocked once when it was around 11:45PM and I was trying to study. They turned it down the first time, but then about an hour later they turned it up again. So I waited until the next morning to call the apartment leasing office. The office did nothing about it at first.

Last weekend they had a party and their music was so loud my walls in my apartment were shaking. So I called on Monday morning and they were given a warning from the office. However, all this week, they have kept their music loud after 11PM. I wonder if it was to spite me or just because they didn't care. I understand that they probably feel that is the partying time, but they are so inconsiderate to us and to our other neighbors. I don't know where they lived before, but I would imagine it was where people did not care about courtesy to the neighbors.

My roommate and I have talked with the upstairs neighbors and they have also had a problem with the noise. So I told them to call this time if they hear music blasting that is so disturbing that no one can work or study. If they continue to make noise and be reported to the office, they will be evicted. It's not a fun thing, but they need to learn to be considerate to their neighbors and understand that there are appropriate times that they can make as much noise as they want to.

So, what can YOU do if you have noisy neighbors?

1) Well, if you know them, then you can always go knock on their door and ask them politely to quiet down.

2) If you don't know them, you can still go and politely ask them to quiet down if you feel comfortable doing that.

3) If you don't feel comfortable confronting your neighbors, you can always call your apartment leasing office to complain about the noise. Don't forget to tell them which apartment is making all the noise and from what hours you are getting disturbed.

4) If you live in a residential area, you more than likely can just knock on the door and politely ask them to quiet down. If you don't know them, I would call the police.

I hope these tips have helped. Questions and comments are welcome :).


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