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Ann's Bridal Bargains Review

Updated on July 28, 2010

 As I've mentioned before in a previous hub on getting married, it's easy to do on an affordable budget. I ordered the most wonderful wedding invitations ever! And I ordered them from Ann's Bridal Bargains. I couldn't have been more pleased when they arrived on our doorstep yesterday evening. I've done a brief YouTube video on them. And wrote them an email of thanks, expressing our gratitude and our happiness about the quick and timly shipping and how wonderful they turned out!

About Ann's Bridal Bargains

 If you are a bride on a budget, Ann's Bridal Bargains is the place for you! If you are a budget minded, savvy shopper then Ann's Bridal Bargains is your one stop shop for wedding invitations galore! They will even send you a free sample if the decision making process is just a tad to hard for you. I know when I was ordering my wedding invitations I probably stared at the screen for hours trying to pick the best possible invitation I could. But Ann's Bridal Bargains doesn't stop at just the invitations...

  • They even keep on going with personalized wedding napkins! The wedding napkins are an inexpensive ($17 per 100) decorating option that adds lots of style and color to your wedding reception decorations. An added bonus through Ann's Bridal Bargains is you get the wedding napkins personalized with your names for free! How amazing is that. And very cost effective as well.
  • Ann's Bridal Bargains also offers wonderful wedding reception decorations that can be met within your budget! They offer such things as tissue bells, glass gems, streamers, garland, candles and more. You can also get wedding reception centerpieces and personalized wedding glasses.
  • Ann's Bridal Bargains also offers an exclusive blog to help with such things as wedding ideas and tips, wedding planning tips, and even wedding etiquette tips.



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