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Another Dangerous VIRGO True Story.

Updated on September 5, 2009


In 2003 I received a call from my girlfriend who lived about 1 hour from where I lived. She was so excited about meeting this younger guy. She told me that her son was out and had to much too drink and this nice guy found him in the parking lot and wanted to make sure that he got home okay. She also told me that she had invited him to the beach the next day, as a thank you.

I remember asking her what his sign was, I always ask that question, and she replied that he was a VIRGO! She is a sagittarius, like I am, and I told her to forget about this guy before it was too late. A week later, my girlfriend calls me and tells me that they had a fight outside her house and he bashed in his own car windshield with his fist. I told her that I had already warned her and if she wanted to continue this realtionship it would get worse, and I was going to stay away from the whole thing.

I have very little tolerance for any type of physical or verbal abuse by any one, and I knew this girl for about 22 years and she had a deep need for control. I knew that her traits mixed with a VIRGO would spell danger. I was married to a retired detective, and my girlfriend had been married several times, one of which was a police officer. I find out later on that this great younger guy has a criminal record. He had committed his first crime at 6 years old, and never stopped, he was in and out of prison every couple of years.

He took advantage of my girlfriends weakness, and used that knowledge to gain control over her life. I guess that she wanted the relationship so bad to work that she gave him cars, money, anything that he wanted. He was physically abusing her and her mother, and verbally abusing any one else within his reach. He would take off and leave and then return. I stayed away from the both of them because I felt that she was assisting him in his crimes. Of course he wanted no one else around so he could have all the attention and control, and this life style went on for a couple of years. Then he was arrested again and sent back to prison.

Did that end the relationship? No! Now my girlfriend became the prison wife. Every other weekend she would drive 4 hours to visit him, because he needed her. She supplied him with all the items he needed in prison, and went for a couple of years. Finally he was released and he returned to her house. I forgot to mention, that she also secretly married the guy. I lived closer to her by that time, but I still stayed away from their house. I did not want to be around him. The relationship became worse, and it was high drama every day of the week.

This VIRGO kept all of his control, his mean ways even when he was incarcerated. It did not last long because he was arrested again and sent back to prison. My girlfriend started to wake up, when she found out about the drugs, and the other woman. Most of her coin collections, any item of value including her mother's cash had all been stolen. Yet she kept every letter and card and gift that he bought her, with her money in a keep sake box.

My girlfriend's eyes opened wide when she found out that she could not refinance her house, because she was married, even though he was not on the deed or the mortgage. Her need for the refinance and the money could only be obtained by a divorce. Just as secretly as she married this guy, she divorced him. I knew it was not going to end, ever.

He is still in prison, and she is still pretending that she wants nothing to do with him, and I know that is not true. I have moved and I had to ease off the friendship, as she has changed and not for the good.

He knew, as a VIRGO that he is, after his first outburst and display of violence, breaking his own windshield, he was allowed to continue on with this relationship. He knew he could go even further, which he did. Her emotional weakness, dependency and the need for love made her the perfect VIRGO target. I believe that in 2 more years it will start all over again.


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