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Anyone But Me: Warning, Lesbian Heroin(e)

Updated on January 15, 2011

I discovered this web series completely by accident while searching for something completely different on Blip. Intrigued, I found the first episode and started watching. by the time I had stopped, I was halfway through the first season and thoroughly addicted.

Make no mistake, this series of 7 to 15 minute long episodes is ADDICTING. Interesting and likable characters, dialogue that crackles, and enough twists and turns for several full length soap operas will make it not only hard to stop watching it until you've seen all 2 seasons currently, it'll be impossible.

The story focuses around Vivian MacMillan (Rachael Hip-Flores), a 16 year old lesbian from New York City who is forced to move because her dad, a former firefighter, has acquired a respiratory infection due to being a first responder during 9/11, making living in the city an impossibility. So Viv and her dad move to the suburb of Westchester and in with her aunt Jodie, only 30 minutes away by train, but an eternity away from her girlfriend Aster (Nicole Pacent). In addition, Viv has decided to go back into the closet, hiding her gayness in general and her relationship with Aster in particular from her new Westchester acquaintances, in particular Jodie and childhood friend Sophie (Jessy Hodges). Aster doesn't appreciate this, to put it mildly. Her only new friend who knows the truth is shy amateur comic book artist Archibald, and that's only because he guessed.

"Anyone But Me" is really able to grasp the hesitancy of teenagerhood. Its characters have some idea of who they are, but have neither enough confidence nor enough certainty to pursue it. While it is obvious that their actions may not be a good idea in the long run (Vivian's in particular, although all of the teenaged characters make poor decisions about how to show themselves to others), their hesitations, deceptions, and wafflings all seem perfectly in tune with their characters. It also makes things beautifully satisfying when characters finally do start showing who they are on the outside, such as how Viv starts slowly but surely to come out to those around her in the second season.

I'm finding myself more and more in love with Rachael Hip-Flores and her character of Vivian. You feel for her when she feels unable to be truthful to those around her, and when Aster gets more and more understandably angry at her for concealing who she is. Hip-Flores is able to command the focus of every scene not by being loud or over-the-top, but instead with a quiet grace, as well as a snarky sense of humor. Jessy Hodges and Nicole Pacent as Sophie and Aster are also phenomenal, with the former going through perhaps the most character development of any character, especially in the second season, while the latter serving as an interesting counterpart to Viv, loud and intense where Viv is quiet and introverted. Both deliver performances that'll make you want even more screen time for them. Joshua Holland, as Archibald, is an interesting character, although focus on Viv, Aster, and Sophie has cut into his development. His relationship with high-strung actress Elizabeth (Alexis Slade) is sweet, however, and his resistance to stereotypes of young African American men is quite refreshing. Dan Via and Barbara Pitts as Gabe and Jodie hold their own against their younger castmates, with great chemistry together as a couple in a very odd relationship, trying to deal with the inherent drama of raising a teenaged girl.

all in all, this series is fantastic, apparently shooting for season 3 starts in late February, with episodes being broadcast soon afterward. I await it with bated breath. If you're interested in this webseries, go to and check it out


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    • Evelyn Agyemang profile image

      Evelyn Agyemang 5 years ago from Canada

      Also hooked!!! :)

    • profile image

      Lucy 5 years ago

      I love this show! So addicting, and awesome!