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Appreciate Every Moment You Have With Someone

Updated on July 27, 2015

Some couples take each other for granted. They complain about each other's way and then when they are gone they wish they could have that time back.

You never know how long that special someone will be in your life. You never know how long your relationship will last or what happens from one day to the next. So many people complain and focus on the downfall of the relationship instead of what is going right.

So many people wish they could have one more day with that special person after that person is gone. They wish they could be in the same room with that person and talk to them again. They wish that they could see them smile and laugh with them again.

So many people wish that they could pick up a phone and text or call that person again. They wish that they could hear that special person's voice.

It breaks their heart knowing that they cannot do any of that anymore. It breaks their heart knowing that that person that they once loved is only just a memory of the past.

If these people had one wish it would be to be with that person again. It would be to see them again and they would tell them how they feel.

If you are in a relationship like that tell that special person how much he or she means to you. Tell that person how much you love him or her. You never know when the last time you will see him or her.

Do you have anyone you wish you could see again?

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