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Are Gays Creatures of God?

Updated on January 1, 2011

Are they to be discriminated or to be loved as who they really are?

I'm not going to twist and turn around but I'll hit all the points streaming through my mind right now.

I am currently working in the airlines and I find many people, especially guys, who tends to be soft and gentle. Nope. I am not speaking of macho man who is a gentleman but guys who are gays.

No doubt that God made us all equal and as of who we really are but this world is made of influences, tarring and inspiring the mind and body. 

But where does the gay community stand?

I believe that during our childhood, when we see a guy who isn't acting boyish enough or when secrets are leaked out saying this guy likes that guy, we tend to tease him, calling him names. The teasing culture hasn't diminished but it continues to grow as what we can see now, more and more guys turning into gays.

Initially, I do feel that it is wrong in a way that they act as such. As time goes by, I realise that these things, their natural instincts comes from the influences around them. I wouldn't blame their upbringing for this. I don't believe in -It's a parent thing-. Do bear in mind that parents can only do as much. The rest is up to the individual themselves to be able to judge and perform.

Gays... Are you to be blamed for being as such? I will only choose one answer.


It is never their intention being who they are now. They know that they are despised and left aside by the community but with the help of their own kind and good friends, they face this challenge positively and make the world theirs. In fact, gays are forever gay and they are one of the most caring species on Earth. My salute.

Perhaps many would agree with me... Why are gays always good looking?!


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    • profile image

      GF 7 years ago

      You love who you love, enough said. ;)

    • Ragnelle profile image

      Ragnelle 7 years ago

      I agree with the marriage part. Two guys in love is fine but to the extent of getting married is too much. There was a case in Malaysia whereby the guy actually got himself operated to be able to get married with his partner. The after-looks of him is amazing though. He looks so much more better than a lady. Ha ha.

    • Sharen Hansen profile image

      Sharen Hansen 7 years ago

      Gays are like any one else. They are not all good looking. Yes there are many handsome and beautiful pple.

      I do not agree with their thinking but I would not judge them. I have worked with gays and they are like everyone else they work hard and are kind. I do believe gays are more gentle and kind than the average person. Most are probably very humorous and wise. I do not believe they should be married but their partners should get insurance. They are in love and bond as married people they should have the benefits too.