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Are Men Guilty and Women Innocent in Relationships?

Updated on August 20, 2010

When most relationships go sour between men and women, the blame is often put on men. It can be anything from lying to infidelity. Depending on the strength of how these incidents occur, some men cannot receive closure and have to face being displayed in a cruel manner. Now although most males have selfish ways toward females, it doesn't mean they're all suspects and women are the victims.
Women do shady things in commitments too, but are seldom mentioned. That's because most people feel as though women cannot do any harm, due to the fact they're the highly emotional humans. Still, there are women who prey on men and always figuring out a method of how to control and basically pimp them. They will go to extreme measures to bring a man down mentally and in some cases, physically. These situations are overlooked as the saying goes, 'Women know how to do dirt without getting caught.'
If a woman is single from a bad breakup, its always advice that she should realize how beautiful she is on the outside as well as the inside. Also, she should do things to pamper herself such as take a long, hot bubble bath. The woman must go to a hair and nail salon to get her favorite hairstyle, manicure, and pedicure. Therefore, she can feel gorgeous all over again. At last, she needs to put on her best dress and go shopping at the mall, in which she could get the attention of new, attractive men. Overall, its never her fault if her man treats her wrong or cheat and that's not always true.
What about men after a bad breakup? A man must remember how handsome he is along with his good personality. He shall be able to go to the barbershop and get a fresh haircut or however he likes to get his hair done. The man can go to a spa and get a full body massage especially by a gorgeous woman. Definitely, he can go purchase his best outfit to go to social gatherings such as the clubs or parties, just to name a few and meet new, attractive women. In other words, a man can enjoy the festivities of being single just as well as a woman. Its normally a fellow who tries and wants to do right by his woman, but she pushes him away because of issues she's experiencing and its not fair to him.

Men have feelings as well as women. Although, men have a funny way of showing theirs, the feelings are still there. Most men are emotional and can be victims of difficulties in a relationship. A man's healing process is totally different from a woman's. As many women would say men hurt them, they can hurt men too.

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